Friday, March 11, 2011

It's the Magic: Rider on the Storm, or Eating Crow

 Huh, That’s Funny
You know what's funny? Storm Crow.

"Storm Crow has a sword next its power. Baneslayer Angel doesn't!
Sol Ring can't attack; Storm Crow can.
Storm Crow doesn't die to Krosan Grip like Black Lotus and the Mox.
Storm Crow has flying, Tarmygoyf doesn't!
Storm is OBVIOUSLY the best card in all of Magic. The proof is all there!! "
-Pinsir52, Portal printing

Sword in the Wrong Place-itis. Classic case. Totally incurable.

"Strictly better than Baneslayer Angel. I run 4 in my mono-black control deck, and i RARELY loose."
-Pinsir52, Starter 1999 printing
"Best. Card. Ever. I can't believe I traded FOUR of these for some fruity little flower artifact back in the day."
 -altheuser, Alliances 1st Printing

"Pretty decent? And I guess that Tarmogoyf's only "okay"? "
-JWolps, Alliances 2nd Printing

"Shouldn't Storm Crow have Fear since he's so scary? "
-zeyette, 6th Edition
"I remember this one time I had two of these on the field. Now THAT was a battle. "
-zeyette, 7th Edition

"T1: Black Lotus - Island - TWO STORM CROWS. People scoop EVERY TIME that happens!! As far as I know, that's the best play in Magic."
-Pinsir52, 8th Edition

9th Edition had 14 pages of comments. I've selected the Top 10:

"Would combo with Locket of Yesterdays... If your opponent could ever kill one."

Stormcrows for one blue mana? Insane!

“Storm Crow is so strong hes even banned in casual. “

"Kills quicker than Black Lotus and Ancestral Recall, cheaper than Necropotence, stronger than Birds of Paradise, both in power and toughness. A lot of the time it's bigger than Tarmogoyf, and he doesn't fly! Also great combo material: equip it with Umezawa's Jitte, attack and then Time Walk! Get four now!"

"$75 dollars buys you 1 Jace, the Mind Sculptor or roughly 300 storm crow. If that's not card advantage, I don't know what is...

Storm Crow Army:1
Other "better" cards: 0 "

Your parents lied to you about everything else but fools and their money being parted.

“There's a reason a group of crows is called a murder. ”

“Wow! Just wow! a card of this magnitude deserves a spot as a 4 of in Vintage. Imagine if you will, turn one land, mox, Crow. Turn two, hit your opponent for one! My god, that puts them on a 20 turn clock, and in Vintage that is absurd! 5 stars! ”

"Strictly better than Storm Crow. "

"After I played my Progenitus somebody just had to drop opponent swung and the crow flew right by Progenitus for the win. Just broken... "

Can't fucking fly.

"If you are foolish enough to play non-Storm crow creatures before playing storm crow, and your opponent casts a storm crow, you have a very brief amount of time, maybe half a turn, to cast Mirrorweave on the Storm crow before it annihilates your non-storm crow creatures. This will turn your creatures into storm crows for a turn, giving you time to wise up and cast your own storm crow on your own turn. If you are smart, you will play a kicked Rite of Replication on the same turn, ensuring you have more storm crows than your opponent. Remember, the key to victory in Magic is to always have more storm crows than the other guy. "

"Courier Hawk tries too hard "

Honorable Mention
“Combos with Island.”

Tempest Owl
"Strictly less elegant design than Storm Crow. "

Fast Fact: Mindstorm Crown allows you to run 8 Storm Crows.

You may already know of my unwaning love for twice former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Mock Sympathy shouldn't be common. More importantly, it shouldn't exist, but I like that it gives a player a lot of something now in exchange for none of that thing later. Granted, I hate 'until rest of the game' effects unless they're appropriately epic.

Maybe I should try something in the vein of "The life total of target player with less life than you becomes equal to the largest life total amongst all players. That player sacrifices a permanent for each life they gained this turn," increase the cost, and make it an instant. It wouldn't take it out of the mythic rare category, but it would make it less stupidly powerful.

And yes, "Rummy" is a subtype for Instants and Sorceries.


Trentski said...

They will never print a card that powerful again.

Trentski said...

I like how you put the card links in your blog. How do you do that?

Rude said...


Who would play Blightsteel Colossus? That's SIX Storm Crows!!! Take THAT, chump-blockers!

VanVelding said...

Linking the cards?

1) Copy the URL from The Gatherer.

2) Highlight the text you want to be the link.

3) Click 'Link' in your edit window and put the URL into that space.

4) After you post your blog, make sure you test your link to make sure it works. This is as essential as any other step.

Trentski said...

Thanks brother.