Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Field Manual Kris: Bargin'

Sorry for the delay. Again, big difference between 'draft saved' and 'scheduled for posting.'

The chipping they're doing on the walls outside travels through the metal of the hull and makes it impossible to hear/work in my office for 2 hours each shift.

Resuming conversations with Ray. Shared both Playing Favorites and my scripts for Denver 5 with him. Understandably, he hasn't started Playing Favorites yet, but his feedback on Denver 5 has been invaluable.

I'm sorry 'bout the blog on Monday. "Scheduled" isn't the same as "worth presenting." I've cleaned it up and Thursday/Friday also look good. Even if every Monday and Wednesday until May has a 1000 Words post, you'll still get some quality of blog.

My new boss is Boomhauer, Souther, drinky, and completely incomprehensible at times. Works hard though. I will kill him if he keeps coughing like that though.

Trying to get the barge started back up. Collecting emails, creating new inventory forms, making new sign-in sheets, distributing supplies, hunting down paperwork that people had been filing in their lockers. When people ask about office supplies I tell them, "not until Tuesday." They don't get the reference.

Trying to resolve all the issues with people on the barge not having a clerk until two weeks ago. They are numerous and belligerent.

Work on Denver 5 continues apace, probably outreaching Derek's artistic commitment. Finishing the first storyline, polishing it a bit, then emailing it to him.

Comic Conversations also keeps moving forward. While I could probably do a 5 minute series of straight trash-talking Daredevil, mixing it up by discussing/praising him is not nearly as consistently entertaining.

I'm adapting well to the old place. I'm not utilizing all of the tools I developed at my last company, but I'm working on it. Acting unilaterally when any of the people around me could have a girl/idiot moment without warning perhaps makes me more cautious than I should be.

I'm headed out to the other barge, which is offshore, tomorrow. I'll probably be out for four weeks starting on the first, so I'll probably be in on Saturday, April 30th. Set your alarm clocks. I've been to the other barge a few times before, so I know my way around. If anything, I know the crew over there better than the guys they have here now. Also, I get my own office and I don't have to deal with my most hated co-worker or the new guy.

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