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Clearing Out My Tabs: February's Gone

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The Republican party is calling for one of their own, David Wu, to step down after he sent pictures of himself in a tiger suit to his staff during a rough election. He's obviously not (c'mon, stepping down is reserved for federal indictments and gay sex scandals), but he's got a strong platform for reelection if he appeals to the very strong, pro-Calvin and Hobbes voting block.

Also, fun tidbit if you haven't seen it yet: Fight Club as Calvin plus twenty years.

If crawling into someone's head is your cup of tea, I'd like to share I N C E P T I O N, a magic deck consisting of 100 Mox Pearls and 100 Shahrazads. It's only legal in ancient times that predate certain deck construction rules, but play goes something like this: 
(1) Turn 1: Play four Mox Pearls
(2) Tap for 4 white mana
(3) Play Shahrazad
(3a) See Step 1
Apparently, the original creator of Magic, Richard Garfield, considered this before and approved.

Riding that tenuous link from Arabian Nights to the Middle East, Egyptians are protesting to get tourists back. Again, I'd like Morbo to just go ahead and explain to everyone that not only do protests not work that way, but that protesting can't solve all of your problems.

But there are actually rather large problems to solve. For example, what if your son isn't so interested in church and has naked magazines of men in his room? He might have a secret girlfriend!

It turns out that having a girlfriend could be worse; you could be fighting one. Now, I'm not going to say this kid should go fuck himself for not fighting a girl and becoming a champion, but I will say that forcing backwards idiots to wrestle against girls (or forfeit to avoid the same) isn't actually teaching anyone valuable lessons about sexism; it's just embittering backwards idiots about being forced to deal with some sort of imaginary 'liberal agenda.' I like women less than most guys (which, now that I think about it is a staggering understatement), but while I, too, dream of a world where men and women are treated equally (mostly for the sake of spoiling the fun of women who are trying to have their 'treated like an adult' cake while eating their 'batshit crazy and getting away with it' cake.), forcing backwards apes to play in it doesn't convince them to uphold that goal, only to cooperate to the extent that they're institutionally coerced to.

Forcing values on people does not encourage them to embrace those values; the effect is quite the opposite in my experience.

Free Association on a Variety of Topics

September 2, Ajani vs Bolas will be released. Awesome.

The Interwebs:
Pathos is a fun game. Click to move the plot forward type of game, but still fun.

Watched a dog show with my grandparents during my last trip to Texas:
Announcer: "Oh, he looks so cheerful."
Announcer#2: "That'll cost him points."

Announcer: "This one is a breed called the Duck-Tolling Retreiever. They're known to be wickedly smart."
Announcer#2: "It's believed this one killed his former owner and framed his wife to collect the insurance money."


Al-Malaki: "What about my country?! They're protesting!"
K: "It's the democracy. That's how you know it's working. Trust me, if it's anything like the US, they'll get distracted on a few days.*"
Al-Malaki: "And if they dont?"
K: "Then it guess they're someone else's problem."

*Unless, apparently, it's Wisconson. What is up with that you guys?

Other Blogs:

"If they had played this plot out, Daredevil could have even taken on titans like Doctor Doom!"
"C'mon, that story had a lot of potential, but Doctor Doom?! Even Daredevil with The Infinity Guantlet couldn't take on Doctor Doom; he'd just be really quiet and DD couldn't do jack. It's a well-known fact that the knowledge gem can't cure blindness. Or suck."


Listening to Fall Out Boy, "Burn this city down to show you the lights."
K: "Most romantic thing ever."
D: "You know he's saying 'lies,' not 'lights,' right?"
K: "This song is bullshit!"

Roleplaying Games:
 Also, I wanted to share a nice parcel of African land that I considered using for The Ciaren Campaign.

State of the Blog
I had a lot of time to take care of blogs 'n such at my last job when I wasn't doing anything. I don't expect that to be the case going forward, so in addition to Playing Favorites which was written in November and will continue to provide content until November or so and Timewalking Archive Trap which regurgitates my extensive blogging past, I'm going to be sliding in an 7-2-5-2 feature, where I just copy and paste my top tweets from the past week. Since "It's the Magic" will probably be hanging around, 7-2-5-2 will probably run Mondays, as 'best ofs' are better used as bookends.

It turns out Twitter is throwing me a lot of links. I don't know if that's one person who uses my twitter account to read my blog instead of linking it, or if twitter is getting people to check out my blog, then do something else and never come back. I may never know.

I also go hits from Reddit, so thanks Derek.

Whatever poor Russian person used Yandex to search for "fashion" and got my blog...sorry fella.

According to the blogspot stats, 5% of my hits have come from England, Denmark, Germany, Croatia, and Singapore. Hello people from outside of the United States. Thanks for your visits, however accidental.


skiltao said...

I know that that African map is a straight-above image, but the glare keeps making me think that it's at an angle.

Blogspot tells you where your hits come from, for free?

VanVelding said...

Yeah. I figure since there's a (slight) push to monetize, Blogspot shares the visitation figures so you know if it's worth it.

But hey, they're tracking it anyway, so I might as well know.

Jordan said...

I resent those comments about Daredevil, sir!

...surely, someone else likes Daredevil too...




Rude said...

Also, Daredevil could compete with Doom. He defeated Mephisto, once, and on the Marvel Power Scale:

Mephisto > Dr. Doom

VanVelding said...

Doom cares not for moral victories! Verily; for Daredevil he would forgo complex, diabolical traps in favor of a simple color-by-numbers book!