Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Field Manual Kris: A Golden Age

So I'm headed out soon. Probably tomorrow/Friday. Definitely within the week.

I wanted to set some blogs up for the coming month or so that I might be gone. Obviously "Playing Favorites" and "Timewalking Archive Trap" are the easiest features to do this with. Well, while I was mining my Myspace blog, I just said "Fuck It" and started processing every one of my MySpace blogs of note.

I started before noon and I'm only back to the beginning of 2007.

Sadly, I couldn't take the comments, which make me really appreciate Terry, Derek, my sister, Jordan (who maybe went back through all of them after meeting me), and an old friend from Texas for their consistent support of all of my emo blogging bullshit over the past few years. I mean, it wasn't entirely altruistic; they got some bitchin' videos out of it .

The two (major) projects I'm working on right now just got kicked back to me, so after taking care of things around the house prior to my departure and doing all of  my blog stuff, I'm going to be working on those. Kind of looking forward to it.

And man, I just found a retrospective blog from 2007, talking about blogs from the long ago year of 2005. Wow, don't hurt your neck looking that far back, past-Kris.


VanVelding said...

Fucked up and had to restart going through Myspace blogs right after I wrote this. Only in June of 2007 now. :(

VanVelding said...

As of right now, 14 May 2006. There's...just a lot of stuff here.