Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Game's the Thing: Three Campaigns, Part Four: Son

The Doom Effect abides by many of the rules I've put forward in the last Three Campaigns blog, but it also violates a number them. I'd like to walk you through my plans for my new campaign, in the hopes that it will help me focus as well as motivate you to add some input that will help me make sure my players' needs are met.

The Doom Effect will not be serious. That will help keep it flexible, but also acknowledge that this isn't a continuity-heavy, story; this is guys getting together to blow shit up and high-five about it.

The cast is expansive, but only because the players already know most of the players. "Which Marvel character is at what point in their story" will be an interesting game to play, for me as well as my players. A lot of things will be a basic approach (with the exception of the X-Men), but since continuity isn't something I'm sweating, it won't be an issue.

The players will be on a team from the start; I might even establish a heroic action challenge of  some manner to make one of them a 'team leader.' It'll be a first for that, and it will be hilarious. For me.

Once I get it on it's feet, I'll be playing at every opportunity. The stories won't be great, but I don't think they'll have to be, as long as they keep the players entertained. There might be an occasional arc, but it will usually be focused around one character's "I want to do this thing" thing. If anyone wants to roleplay, they'll have to get with me or another player to do that.

It's not that I don't want to focus on that or that I'm discouraging for it, it's just that there's always a player/storyteller effort mismatch and I'm making sure my resources go to where they'll do the most good by allocating them according to player demand. according to player demand.

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