Monday, March 28, 2011

7252-Time Walking ArchiveTrap

It's called 'Assistant Management,' aka 'Deflect shit up or down,' and I ask a lot, but they won't let me put it that way on my nametag. :(

Don't criticize; I've got 24 hours of 'Euphoria Phase' before I'm remorseful about no longer being a productive member of society. :P

27 Jun 2009
Even now, I'm only productive four weeks out of six.

WHOO! LAST DAY! :D about 9 hours ago from txt
27 Jun 2009
My last day at F.Y.E.. Good times. Good times.

@catalystgamelab Oh, look, it's Strategic Ops! I don't know if it's honest excitement or sarcasm, having preordered it, but not having it.
27 Jun 2009, in reply to catalystgamelab
Yeah, that was a special administratively-supported kick in the pants. 

Mortal Kombat has more recurring characters than the name implies.
Jun 26th 2009

News alert: no mystery surrounds death of 50 year-old man with a history of drug abuse, anorexia, and heavy cosmetic surgery.
Jun 26th 2009
F'ing really!

TRO:3087-Drafted: 32%, Waiting for Writeup: 41%, No Stats Yet: 27%. I'll try to knock out two more drafts tomorrow. 38/35/27 sounds good. :D
Jun 25th 2009
Man, I remember when I thought someone would care about a Battletech universe I made. Good times. Good, oblivious to the obvious times.

MJ is dead. Maybe he'll finally release something new.
Jun 25th 2009
Admittedly not in good taste. It's just not right to make fun of writer's block.

@catalystgamelab Jesus-fucking-Christ, more 'Unseen' bullshit? Are Battletech fans equally clingy over their noonies and first cars?
Jun 25th 2009
Yes. Yes they are.

There's a big civility gap between feeding someone into a meat grinder head first vs. feet first.
Jun 24th 2009

A wheelchair racing/battle game would play out a lot like Double Dash.
Jun 24th 2009
I'll be back after dropping off all of these turtle shells at the old folks' home.

"...excuse me? For a moment there, I thought you said 'my clone army'." Darths and Droids is awesome!
Jun 23rd 2009
Seriously, you guys. Click that link!

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