Friday, March 04, 2011

It's the Magic: Finish Him

I've been reading Goblin Artisans, which is a pretty cool Magic blog. One of their features is a Magic card/mechanic that they discuss. It's an appealing idea.
Tides of Time is probably not that balanced. All it takes is some simple collusion with an artifact deck in a multiplayer game and you and an opponent each have infinite mana. Granted, yours is blue so you do have a bit of an advantage, but seeing how it plays out would be interesting.

Of course, I also like the back and forth potential that it has and the conundrum of how it untaps at the beginning of your turn make it a fascinating card and tend to balance it a bit. 


Ugh: Group Play
I've got until early April to finish out the old tournament bracket. If I can't find a way to finish up a lot of these games, I'll either have to let the three remaining players vote, or proxy for whoever can't be here. I'm not happy with either, but it's what I've got.

Highlighted games are those which haven't been played yet.

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