Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tumblr Thursday: Five Seasons of a Sitcom Romance

You guys know and care that I have a Tumblr, right?

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In TV shows featuring a protracted relationship focus-tested to bore audiences to death, the first season is how the lovable main character obsesses over their target. I call this The Stalking. 
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Then they eventually make their move and the rough process of wooing begins. This can take upwards of a year so that audiences can remember the difference between the seasons. The character gains the object of their affection at the end of this year. This is called The Dance.
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Then the relationship faces troubles that they overcome. This is largely due to the fact that they face troubles that are easy to resolve because real people never have the problems, being stuck with real, pervasive, and complex challenges. They will always end up back together because the audience would be bizarrely mad if an imaginary relationship didn't work out after investing thirty minutes a week for three years in it. This is The Fronting, where the emotional barriers each character developed this week are discarded.
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This is the peak of the relationship, where the only way the two characters could get closer is mashing them into a gelatinous being composed of flesh, bones, and sinew intertwined like the remains of a melted mannequin factory. By this, I mean they get married. I call this The Emotional Climax.

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This isn't related. Twilight is terrible.

Also, Ninja Turtles were great.

And Pokemon.

I never played Pokemon. I'm just saying things that will make people like me now.


SkilTao said...

I am vaguely aware that "Tumblr" is a thing which exists, though I'm still working it into the social-medias I track.

Also, starfire kinda looks like she stole Scott Summer's sunglasses.

Also also, never played Pokemon either, yet strangely fascinated by Prima's Pokemon strategy guides.

SkilTao said...

Right, and to address the main thrust of your post: yeah, that sounds right for TV romance. I was gonna object with "How I Met Your Mother" but I think that show maps to it too.