Monday, February 06, 2012

Linkstorm: These Events Used to be Current

A British knight actually lost his knighthood over the financial crisis. I thought that was something people just joked about.

Newt Gingrich's retinue harassed a guy who was being a bit of a dick, but who was being a dick within his rights.

SOPA is gone, but ACTA is apparently a problem now. Well, not "problem now" as much as "still a problem."

While the US Supreme Court put new limitations on GPS tracking by law enforcement officials, France has passed a controversial bill outlawing denial of The Armenian Genocide

Also in the ephemeral land citizens of the US call "Somewhere Else"  
-Unrest continues on in Syria...okay, update: the shooting has started.
- ...
-Okay, that's it for the non-US stuff.

Mostly back in
the US-ish, BBC has released a list of global terror threats for 2012. It's informative.

Decidedly not in the US, but still US-ish, The New York Times has an article about how The US Lost Out on iPad Work. It's riveting. No...revolting and depressing.

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