Monday, February 27, 2012

Field Manual Kris: Yes, that is a challenge

Ever since I've returned to Texas, I've been trying to get back to equilibrium. I've been trying to find a job that supplements my savings, get back to school, and establish a rhythm with everyone I share the house with. I've had varying degrees of success: short-term part-time jobs are hard to find, the paperwork for school has been mixed up a few times, and one of the people I share a house with is a two-year-old.

In addition, my car--which has had hundreds of dollars worth of repairs done since I left my well-paying job offshore--is broken again because every mechanic I've seen is a fucking moron. As an upside/downside, there's been a pretty great guy I've been talking to and seeing lately. The biggest downside isn't that he lives in Austin, but that when my time management is about to become a large issue, he presents a very big investment in time and energy. I'm doing it--and I'm all in--but I worry that there might be something good here that will get left by the wayside if the demands of school ratchet up or if I just have another spell of flaking out. Is that a thing that a lot of people have?

Anyway, nothing funny or insightful today. I'm sorry about not being funny, but you guys should be used to the lack of depth by now. Anyway, hope your week goes well.

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Derek said...

Hope things go well with the guy.

As far as people flaking out, it happens all the time. People don't usually want to do the things that are "good for them" this is where mental discipline, luck, and mental trickery come into play.

Good luck :)