Monday, February 13, 2012


Skiltao said somethings a while back and I never got back with him. His comment got stuck  in the comments tab where I didn't notice it. Even after I did, it took a while to get around to framing a response to it. It was pretty crappy of me to miss it, then to take so long to get back.

I'm intermittently rewatching "The Pretender" with my sister, and I quite like that show. Four seasons and two TV movies, though.
Someone else was telling me about that too. It looks good and I'm tentatively putting it in my queue after the review series after There Will Be Brawl.

BUT! VHS'd commercials on my copies of Pretender pointed me to a show called "DarkSkies." Only lasted one season, and it does for Cold War UFO paranoia what There Will Be Brawl does for Nintendo.
I'll be honest, I've watched enough Cold Case that I have to suppress an urge to dragon punch any screen trying to show me a period piece television show. It's even spoiled Quantum Leap for me. time...I can come to watch it, but sadly that time is not now.

As a quick aside Cold Case is the worst television show ever created. The Gary Coleman Show had a more supportable premise, more likeable characters, and a less aggressively distasteful premise.

...or what Megas XLR does for giant robots. Which I'm now watching (took way too long to realize who voiced Mag Nanimous); so don't feel compelled to continue Wednesday pics on my account.
I need to get my shit together to finish up. I've only got three or more Megas blogs in me, so it shouldn't be too crank them out for the sake of completeness.

Oh, speaking of chins that kill, have you seen Brisco County Junior?
Hah. It is awesome. I only saw a few eps, but I almost expected Tempus, from the episode of Lois and Clark with H.G.Wells to show up. I wouldn't mind watching more, but then, I got camp poisoning from watching Jack of All Trades.

And have you not already seen (?) Firefly? Like you said, cult classic, and definitely the kind of cultural artifact you're looking to review.
I've only seen a few episodes of "Firefly." I know, I know; I shame all of nerddom with this oversight. To my defense, I am reading Asimov's Foundation series right now, so the expectation that I watch "The Adventures of Captain Tightpants on Uglyship" can wait 'til I'm done with it.

...though, I've been humoring the thought that low-rated shows with loyal audiences could try to fuse in order to double their audiences and stay viable. For example, if Joel McHale was playing the titular role of Captain Tightpants and Don Glover got to do anything that necessitated wearing as little shirt as possible, I'd be all over that series. Summer Glau and Jewel Staite could come back too.
Comics creator thing could be cool. Your comics posts are probably half of what I read here anyhow.
Being more consistent with comics and a few other things are one o' my new goals for 2012. 

As you can tell, the first draft of this was written far before this line was funny on its own.

Star Trek Star Trek Star Trek:
1- I'm shocked that Tasha Yar is holding steady at #2 popular post. (Nice pic and lead-in, but still.)
You would be more shocked to learn that "Nana Visitor naked" is a search request only eclipsed by "young Nana Visitor naked." Upside: That means it's fifty-fifty that my brother reads my blog.

2- Half of that discussion comes down to deciding what counts as innate character traits for those characters and casts. The other half is gonna require a ton of research/loafing, which I can't manage now nor for the forseeable future.
I'll accept that they were made from the same clay and they kept trying the formula until they got to fully explore it with Kira.

3- (Back to your current post) Does the first season jump out at you for some reason, or did it just seem like a representative sample?
I'm only dedicating one season to a show, if I do one. The first season of a show has the premise, introduces the characters, and has the roughest, most hilarious moments. On the other hand, for TOS, I should probably just do a season's worth of the best/worst/most notable episodes. Of course, once I start watching them, I'll probably realize how each episode is notable.

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SkilTao said...

Hey, don't sweat it. Took me long enough to write the comment in the first place, and I figure the longer I delay and the more disconnected my reply/post gets, the less likely it is to get answered anyhow.

The Pretender: Cool. Just to warn you though, they don't get into long-term plot until the second half of the first season.

Dark Skies, Megas XLR, Brisco Country Jr: Fair enough. I will say that Dark Skies does a fair imitation of the X-Com video game, and I don't think anything could be as campy as Jack of all Trades.

Being more consistent with comics: heh, things like "On the Brink of Yellow Journalism" or life/operations on barge/shipyard are good too.

Star Trek 1: Hahahahahahahahaha

Star Trek 2: I'll buy that.

Star Trek 3: Okay, yeah, limiting it to a season's *worth* would work better; there's a lot of good stuff in the first season, but I don't think they really bothered to build up the premise beyond what's in the first ep ("Where No Man Has Gone Before"), and I'm pretty sure Chekhov just kinda appears in season two. (Plus, watching the pilot ep with Menagerie 1 & 2 back to back to back? Two hours of my life I'll never get back.)