Wednesday, February 08, 2012

There Will Be Brawl, Episode Two: The Lost

With the major players introduced in Episode 1, The Lost focuses on forwarding the plot and giving a bit more attention to the supporting cast. While it still teases a lot of the history and peripheral figures, it does--as any early episode should--a good job of putting forward slightly more questions than answers.

Least Favorite Part: Wow, Link is terrible. His acting, casting, dialog. I'm just not sold on him at all. Who I am sold on is Kirby. Despite the all-too-literal Silence of the Lambs scene, his appearance here really did work. His voice is creepy. His puppet is the right level of departure from the adorable Kirby we're familiar with, making it just as gritty (yeah, I'm getting ready to bandy that word around each time I talk TWBB) as the rest of the setting.

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