Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Linkstorm: Civil Libertarian Roundup

Civil authorities are pressing for expanded domestic use of drones. I'm sure it's perfectly innocuous.

Errol Morris points to the Umbrella Man theories surrounding the JFK assassination as proof that you can never trust your own judgement as to whether or not something you see is truly sinister. Rather than giving up your own sense of reason to a man who looks like he's wearing an old man makeup, maybe there's another way. A way where you critically analyze facts and discrepancies without regard to how "sinister" they are or how desperate you are to prove a conspiracy.

It's old news, but banning fat marriage seems to be a policy that falls in line with banning gay marriage. Personally, the government should leave marriage to religions and simply acknowledge civil unions, but I'm a rational optimist, not an ideological absolutist.

Speaking of ideological absolutism, while Rick Santorum decries the separation of church and state, a Pennsylvania judge has prophetically declared that assaulting a man for ridiculing your religion isn't because the first amendment doesn't cover being a jackass.

The counterpoint, raised by a particularly odious piece of Street Fighter-playing shit, it isn't just allowed by the first amendment; it's mandatory.

In case you were paying attention to the vaguely worrying development that instead of keeping all your Google information on file to manipulate enhance your web experience, Google will now keep all your Google information in the same file to enhance your web experience, the above video teaches you how to stop that. It's easy.

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