Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Field Manual Kris: A Certain State to the West: The Trip East

So Josh and I exchanged Minecraft worlds and eve mad ea server on his PC to we couldn't work together to make a common (badass) world. Despite his earlier bad experiences with multiplayer servers, we hatched some grandiose schemes involving his ridiculous, massive building style and my sprawling and--let's call it "rustic"-- construction proclivities.

"Rustic" is a synonym for "haphazard," right?

We had a nice lunch at iHop while we discussed the finer points of the WxL dimensions required to have a bedrock-to-ceiling tower be properly badass. We then drove an hour back out to the Firestone to pick up my blazer, only to realize my wallet--source of all my power--was missing. We searched Josh's car and the Firestone parking lot before giving up and driving back to the iHop.

45 minutes into the drive, the Burger King three lots away from the Firestone called me to let me know they had found my wallet. Relived, but confused, we turned around, drove an hour back to the plaza, got my wallet and picked up my car.

Stupidly, my account number was in my wallet, so I had to withdraw some cash for the trip home and call to put my account on hold. It seemed a bit extreme to cancel my visit to Dallas and Beaumont just because someone might have gotten my bank info, but I've spend two years dealing with a lot of idiots, shoveling heaps of bullshit, and alienating my family[1] so that I could have the money to return to school, focus on it, and finish my personal fight with higher eduction. It's stupid that I was careless enough to have my account number in my wallet, but given that the stupidness was already done, that was the smartest option. 

Anyway, we played some more Minecraft, watched some more Community, then packed my stuff back up in the morning.

My coffee with Octavio was nice. It's weird because I know that we're done and we've both moved on, but there's a part of me that's comfortable with him and likes the illusion of a chance at some future entanglement, I usually feel guilty--and rightfully so--about it as if I'm just being friends because I want a shot at something more. As we talked though, he mentioned how he usually has an emotional distance with the men he dates. When he trailed off after mentioning his current partner, I assumed that he'd had a real, emotional breakthrough. I thought Octavio was in love with the guy and for a moment, I was really, genuinely happy for him. He wasn't (BTW: If you know how to safetly end a relationship with an emotionally unstable, physically violent--but not domestically violent--boy friend, let me know and I'll pass it on to him.), but it's still good to know that my concerns about my own mercenary attitudes are overblown.

Anyway, the drive home was uneventful and I've been getting with my bank and trying to make sure all my stuff is in order for getting back to school. 

Honestly guys, my blogging mojo is at an all time low lately. Partly, it's the travel, distractions, social obligations, and me not sitting at a desk 12 hours a day anymore, but it's also something more general. I dunno. Anyway, if missing the blog on Monday and putting Tuesday's up late wasn't a clue enough, I'm just keeping my head above water these days. I'm not going to promise that I'm going to buckle down or redouble my efforts, but I will tell you in advance I'm sorry and do what I can to work through it.

[1] Okay, actually kind of a bonus.

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