Friday, February 10, 2012

It's the Magic: Victory on the Front

I have over a hundred Magic decks. That's not bragging. In fact, I may have a problem. Putting that aside, for a while now, two of the many, many things I've been trying to do with Magic are creating a system that connects a series of games and track the performance of my decks over time.

The first one is part of a Battletechian urge to connect games. To create a larger narrative and to have the consequences of winning and losing resonate beyond just tallying a win/loss record.

The second one is a desire to know just which of my decks are working and which ones aren't. Keeping notes doesn't work so well because despite the numbers, decks still change, merge, split, and disband quickly enough that it's hard to keep all that information organized and current over the eons it takes me to play through them.

I stumbled upon the idea this week that I can simply track victories by printing cards from my Magic Set Editor and keeping with the deck that earned them until...

That part is still a work in progress. Ideally, the decks with more victories deserve to get moved up to higher tiers where they can play more even games and the poorer decks float down where I can give them the attention they deserve. I should print out some Defeat cards too, just so I know which decks are losing, but that's a whole other day of art, printing, cutting, and sleeving.

You can't really think "Victory" without thinking of Winston Churchill flashing up two fingers. It's classic and the Churchill love I got just searching for "Victory"--not even Winston Churchill--was impressive and strangely touching.
If anyone is a red card, it's Deadpool. If any moment of his history was worthy of acting as a symbol of victory, it's that time he cooked a few thousand pancakes to meet with Domino over his X-Men membership.
I picked this one because the other Blue one was even worse. Victory and Blue don't go together very well, at least not in my experience. Self-deprecation aside, I guess the only other thing I could have gone for would have been Neil Degrasse Tyson saying anything.
There's a lot of WWII stuff that comes up when you're looking for victory. There's also a South Korean actor boy band guy pop star ubiquitous omni star named Seungri who comes up. I lost my stack of note cards with jokes about nubile Asian men who pose with their shirts off, but I'm sure you guys can think of something to fill the gap.
I don't know if "modern classic" is an oxymoron or not, but if anything qualifies, it's the rage comics.

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