Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things about Stuff 'n stuff

Trying to do a legit Me Week has been difficult. No, not in that “Oh, I have to fill out my OkCupid profile, but I’m so bad at these things LOL!!! I’m outgoing, but reserved and a total geek that loves to party and I’m really nice unless you cross me then I’m a bitch. I’m deeply passionate about twenty different things, but I can’t remember more than three of them right now, etc.” way, but because I want to articulate perfectly who I am, but don’t know how or where to start. What’s relevant in a short life that is ultimately irrelevant? Why shout my name to deaf heavens?

Oh, I’ve gone poetic now and I blame no one but you.

Women: I’m clearly misogynic, but not in any kind of unprofessional way; I don’t like women as a default in my personal life, but they are, in fact, people too and deserve to be paid the same as men for the same work, be given the same social accord, and be held to the very same social and legal standards as men. I’ve gone so far as to describe Lesbians as “useless.” Oh, I’m sure they’re keen at all sorts of things and many have practical skills that I would be bettered by learning. I don’t mean it in that way. What I do mean is that as far as my personal life goes, they don’t have much in common with me, I don’t have much social capital they can use, and they don’t have much social capitol I can use. Generally speaking, we’re both saving a lot of time not dealing with each other much.

Alcohol: I drink socially, but as I’ve aged, I’ve learned that alcohol is something that people use to ignore how much better the world needs to be. It’s an opiate of masses, plain and simple, and when it’s used that way, it is amongst the evilest of things.

Science Fiction: Science fiction is best used when its feet are in the present, but its heart and eyes are in the future that could be. Dystopian futures, hard sci-fi, and war novels in space are just gutter trash if they don’t elucidate something about the present that is versus the future that could be. I consider fantasy to be worse, much, much worse, but at least amusing in that it’s usually more honest about using magic to make its universe function. Science fiction should ever try to illuminate humanity’s path toward something better.

Getting Sick: My immune system isn’t quite on par with that of The Midnighter, but it’s pretty damned good. I don’t get sick, as a rule, and don’t worry about other people getting sick. That said, if you are sick—coughing sick—I will punch your throat out.

Perspective: As an atheist, I am first and foremost a humanist. I love my country, don’t get me wrong, but nothing good can serve The United States that does so at the expense of the rest of humanity. I’m not endorsing another country or The United Nations over the US; I’m endorsing the enfranchisement, education, and liberation of all members of the human race over the interests of not just one, but all countries, all interests, and all organizations.

Driving: I have always hated driving. It was never a novelty, but a tedious obligation that I hate. The only thing worse than having to drive everywhere is riding with someone else and having to tell them to go fuck themselves with a long, defiant walk home. It certainly gets the point across, but it’s tedious.

Babies/Cats: Parasites, one more odious and other longer-lived.

Nostalgia: I have a tendency to revere my past. I have archives and records about things I’ve half-begun. I should be ashamed of them and bury them instead of chronicling and cataloging them. I haven’t made them into anything good yet, why would I start now? None the less, they remain.

Relationships: I’m notoriously bad at them, but then I suppose if any of us met a guy who married the first girl he’d ever been on a date with, we’d be dubious. Guess that means we’re all batting less than .500.

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