Saturday, May 21, 2011

Field Manual Kris: The Docket

In no particular order, this is the list o' things I have goin' on for the next few weeks

The Name of the Wind (Terry) - Finished by tonight.
30 minute writing - Lucio Pavlec/whatever/anything
Blogs - Going public Week
Project Wonderful - Going public on Monday.
DC Adventures PC (Ray) - Fluid guy
Project New Jersey - set date
Richard Project (Richard) - ???
The Ciaren Campaign (the guys) - The D&D RPG that drives me to drink.
Zombie CCG - play and playtest
Unnamed Comic Vlogging Project - Does Booster Gold make the cut? Is "I have no tube, yet I must BOOM!" a good name?
The Doom Effect (the guys) - Aberrant RPG that would drive me to drink if I wasn't already running a D&D campaign.

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