Thursday, May 12, 2011

Timewalking Archive Trap: My Family Guy Romance

Peter Griffin: " that time I was in My Chemical Romance..."

*Cut to Peter Griffin standing alongside My Chemical Romance*

"Alright, it's been two years since we were in the studio...ah, let's get's started by playing our biggest song."

: "What do we do again?"

: "I's, ah, You're Beautful?"

: "I don't know...I think that guy's British or somethin'..."

: "Weren't we in that video with the dancing dead girl?

:*thinking* "I think so. Boy, we must do some pretty dark stuff."

"Didn't we do, This isn't a Scene, it's an Arms Race?"

: "No, that's Fall Out Boy."

: This isn't Fall Out Boy?

: "Nope. This is...ah The Breakfast Monkey?"

*walks away.*

: "No, that's the cartoon I pitched to Cartoon Network."

: "Do we do 'Skeleton Crew'?"

: "No, that's the production company I founded for underprivledged bands."

: "Well, does anyone here have their own line of clothes?"

Pause *Everyone shrugs*

*thoughtful*: "Huh. You kinda figure...y'know, one of us would've had our own line of clothes by now--anyway, it's not important. Let's just go to Wal-Mart, find a CD that has our picture on the cover, see if that jogs any memories, and then we can get this whole thing started."

*They begin to leave*

: "So, do you guys gay off in pairs, or is it just like Caligula backstage?"
: "Actually, I'm married to a pop star no one's ever heard of."
: "No surprise there."
: "A girl pop-star."
: "No friggin' way!"

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