Saturday, May 28, 2011

The fulfillment of prophecies ancient and magic

I was going to do an indepth walk-through of the essential elements of Magic. The setting, the game, the design philosophies, the tactics and strategies. I was going to spend about five weeks, giving a Kingdom Hearts introduction to Magic: the Gathering.

It was going to use a different format each week to cover The Mulitverse, planeswalkers, the colors of mana, the card types, then work on casting spells, attacking, and the mechanics and specific color-based tactics, formats, and the current environments and sets.

Five weeks is actually pretty generous in terms of how quickly I could have covered this information in depth. I'm running a six-part series on formats alone that is neither comprehensive, or designed for beginners.

I'd gladly do it; since my Magic mojo is at an all-time low, I could use the filler on my "It's the Magic" feature, but I couldn't do it with enough spice or creativity to make it worth doing. Any beginner could more easily learn the rules and setting on the official Magic website (you should at least be reading the Daily Arcana!) and after quite a bit of brainstorming, I just couldn't find a delivery method that would also amuse experienced players.

So, I took inspiration from another source:

Kris says: Lower life is bad. Higher life is good. 0 life means...

you just lost the game.

Kris says: Notice that the arrows for blocking creatures point specifically to other creatures. Arrows for attacking creatures merely point forward. Creatures block other creatures, but creatures can only attack players.

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VanVelding said...

Yes, the Spire Monitor should be dead on those last two pictures. Christ, I'm bad at teaching people things with Nerdcore Rappers. I always have been.

Why do I keep doing it?!