Monday, May 09, 2011

Tallied Up

So the votes are in. 3 votes for "Powered by Indifference, Focused by Caffeine." No votes for anything else. Instead of giving $15 to Japan, I decided to go maverick:

I've also managed to work up most of the images for my banner ads:


Even cheating as I did with my tag cloud, these were hard as hell to throw together.The smaller ones were actually easier, as the space-scarce, scattered arrangement was easier to do than the ordered version the larger ones allowed. After the title and the tag cloud, I wasn't sure what else to put up. I was thinking "a blog about the internet on the internet," but even without the second half being redundant, but with the url even the "it's a blog" part is redundant as well. I could go for ironic, but that would be stupid.

I could use that extra space for a M-F breakdown (M: Whatever, T: Playing Favorites, W: Whatever, Th: Timewalking Archive Trap, F: It's the Magic), which might work if I start putting up my Prisoner/other reviews on Thursdays, start using the TATs as a general-purpose filler, Mondays could be dedicated Linkstorms/snarks/video, and have Wednesdays as 1000 Word pieces, photoshoppery, or whatever else comes up.

I could also use the Paper DS bit. That seems to be a popular thing. 

I've also whittled down my list of which webcomics might be good for advertising on: - Not a webcomic, but the guy writes X-Factor.
Chris' Invincible Superblog - Still not a webcomic and there's no reason that I'd want someone to read The ISB, then come directly to my site. It's like doing a rock festival and then finding out your garage band will be on stage right after K.I.S.S.. None the less, pretty cool.


skiltao said...

"Powered by Indifference, Focused by Caffeine" is a Tagline, not a name. People are gonna see it and they're going to pay it as much attention as any other slogan. I'd have voted "VanVelding" had I been to vote because it looks like a name, and it is fairly memorable. Helps that it's still the URL; leaving your name off the ad is an interesting thing that I have seen other people also do (effectiveness depends on people not being used to it).

Also, do you have something against symmetry?

"Number Four Tested Well" could be, I dunno, an alter ego. Or! If you had cycling ads (whatever you're spending on this) you could replace the PIFC tagline in one quarter of your ads with a set of nearly-identical "Number Four Tested Well" taglines. (Idea being people will eventually get used to the ad and tune it out, but intermittently changing up the tagline might confuse them into paying more attention.)

VanVelding said...

Symmetry just seems too easy. Sometimes instead of creating something original, I'll just fill in a template or make it appeal to my sense of order.

Things that look a little disorganized or wrong to me I generally consider to be more aesthetically pleasing to others.

"Number Four Tested Well" is going back into the pool of other names/taglines I can use later. Your point about the name/tagline thing is well-taken. I did plan on changing the name of the site again after a while and will probably change it to VanVelding when that comes up.

Thanks for the ideas. Having another perspective on these things is always nice.

Also, I'm adding my new button to the top. It was the only way I could advertise on The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, which is a thing I desperately wanted to do.