Saturday, May 07, 2011

Field Manual Kris: He will/will/won't/will be back.

Big week. I'll admit. I wanted it that way for my big announcement announcement of no particular size. Let's follow this stuff up.

So, Fox News, io9, and Mightygodking (sorry about that election man) did some mentioning of this Superman thing. In addition, Comics Alliance Editor-In-Chief Laura Hudson put a lot of what I said into much, much better words. While I don't agree with all of her points, I'm very, very angry she made them in a better fashion than I did. Also; I agree with most of them.

Canadian Election
It's the same Prime Minister they had before (Stephen Harper, a conservative), but apparently a third party that's pretty cool rose to prominence, so it was a mixed bag for most and reality check for the rest.  A third party bump in Canda isn't as big as one here, but it's important for Canada over the next few years. All of this is thanks to The Torontoist, your source for Canadian news. For whenever you feel like looking up.

And there was much rejoicing.

The only thing that gives me pause about this is that now that bit with Bruce Willis in "Planet Terror" doesn't work so well.  Well mostly it does; it wouldn't surprise anyone if Bruce Willis was a time traveling, terrorist-killing warlock who ad libbed that line as an in-joke with himself[1].

I've Written Reviews For The Prisoner, but Haven't Posted Them Yet
...because the world is now short one terrorist mastermind and I aim to fill in the gap. Tremble infidels, as I withhold vital information on The Prisoner! There is only one god; and The Prisoner actor/producer/writer/director Patrick McGoohan is his prophet! But seriously guys, I'm trying not to put up too many posts at once, so I'm holding off until after this 'going public thing,' which sucks because I'm not watching any more episodes until I get some of these posted and I really want to watch more of The Prisoner. Also, added pictures to "Free For All" and "Dance of the Dead."

[1]You can do that kind of stuff if you're a time traveling warlock of the terrorist-killing kind (plus actor).

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