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Denver 5 Comics 66-70

Denver 5 is an unillustrated comic strip about a group of dicks that are vaguely acquainted with one another because they are all endowed with metahuman abilities. Character descriptions are here.

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Comic 66
1. CLIFF WHITE (Well-built, young male, dark hair) in a shower (chest-up). There's a "beep" sound happening in the background.

University of Colorado, Denver
Campus Village Apartments

2. Cliff is getting out of the shower and wrapping a towel around his waist. The Beeping continues.
Cliff (Internally):
He's up!  Finally, I am going to have a conversation with my roommate about--

3. Cliff is facing out of a bathroom and into an empty sleep area with two beds ( The beeping has stopped, as has his train of thought. We can see an invisible CYBER PARANOID with a bookbag waiting by the open door to the hallway outside.

4. Cyberparanoid is still invisible and is outside of the door to his room, which is being slammed shut.
"Can't even close the damned door when he leaves!"

Comic 67
1. JOHN BERGEN is a heavyset guy sitting at a table in a communal dining area. He's got a plate with two bagels on it. His friends are unseen.
"I'm serious! Every day, my bagel just disappears."

2. He drops a meaty arm, which hides the bagel from us as he points at a friend across the table. In the background, you can see a still-invisible Cyber Paranoid reaching behind John's arm for the bagel as he passes.
"Don't say it's because I'm fat! I'd remember eating my bagel! I--"

3. John looks down at the (still hidden) bagel in surprise. The bagel is invisible as cyberparanoid holds it

4. Cyberparanoid has moved off-panel. John has moved his arm back to reveal one of the bagels is gone. He is angry.
"Aw, c'mon!"
Comic 68
1. Cyberparanoid, still invisible, is standing in the back of an open elevator. as other people come in. To the right is a sign that has a handicap symbol in a box with up and down arrows, indicating the elevator is only for those with physical disabilities. One of the people filing in is a young woman in a wheel chair, assisted by another. A younger man is entering behind them.

2. The woman in the wheelchair is positioned in the elevator. She grabs the wheels of her chair and rolls back to allow the young man space.

3. The woman in the wheelchair is addressing the young man she's making room for. Cyberparanoid is directly behind one of the handles on the back of her chair.

"Excuse m-."

4. Both women look confused. In the background, Cyber Paranoid is still invisible, but he's holding his crotch as pain comes out of it. The doors are closing.
Standing Woman
"Something wrong."

"I think I ran one of my handles into the wall or something."

Comic 69
1. A short, slim professor with dark hair and a dark mustache (Wilson)is at the front of a classroom with a dozen or students in it. His word bubble is cut off by the top of the page. Behind him, you can see Cyber Paranoid by the rear door of the room.

2. The teacher is now facing away from the blackboard and is consulting some notes on his desk.  He continues speaking while Cyber Paranoid sneaks into the room, his word bubble still cut off.

3. Cyberparanoid becomes visibile as he takes a seat in the back row on the far end of the room.  He's holding an orange Rockin' Fuel can and a half eaten-bagel. The teacher's word bubble is visible, but still clearly off-panel.

4. Cyberparanoid is sitting in his desk, taking notes. He look surprised.

"Ah, Thomas. I don't know when  you came in, but you're still late."

Comic 70
1. CYBERPARANOID and DOCTOR WILSON are in Doctor Wilson's office. A simple offce that consists of a desk that's uncomfortably wide for the room, a simple door on the opposite wall, and a series of steel, flat-green metal bookcases filling up most of the rest of the area. Doctor Wilson sits behind the desk as he reads from a piece fo paper. Cyber Paranoid stands in front of it.

Caption: Doctor Wilson's Office

" 'Bread, Rockin' Fuel, Frozen Pizzas, Rockin' Fuel, Toilet Paper.' "

2. Same shot, but Doctor Wison looks slightly unhappy.

Doctor Wilson
"Thomas, is this your grocery list?"

Cyber Paranoid
"Sounds like it."

3. We get a head-on shot of Wilson, very close.

"You have great code, but it's almost written in stream of consciousness. That's not acceptable."

4. Wider shot as Cyber Paranoid leaves and Doctor Wilson waves him away.

(1) "No more grocery lists in your homework."
(2) "Now get out of here Mr. Anderson."

Cyber Paranoid

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