Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Schedule

So I'm weaning off of Google. That includes working more with the big boy site ( if you're one of those readers who is allergic to links). I'm not going to shut down this place any time soon; I know folks' RSS feeds and links and autocomplete thingies are set here. I am going to throttle back though.

It's the Magic will keep going on Mondays until "Getting {U} from a Stone" is finished. I'm currently posting it a few weeks behind over there. The Tuesday videos are queued up through to October and they're so simple there's no reason not to keep them coming (are the videos a draw for you guys? I don't have reader stats on those.).

Wednesdays have been wildcard days for a while now, so they'll be quiet unless I make them a "Meanwhile, at The Website..." sort of plug day where I talk about all the cool stuff I'm doing on my Tumblr, Twitter, etc..

Denver 5 stuff is entrenched here, so it stays. Will be reposting to catch up over there.

Fridays will keep up until the end of this eBay stuff, then...I don't know. Again, I don't get stats on the video stuff, so I'm not even sure what the level of interest is for more original video content.

Anyway, thanks for reading folks.

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SkilTao said...

Tried adding your new site to my feed before, failed; tried now, works now. Sort of. We'll see if I remember to move commentary.