Thursday, August 01, 2013

I Saw Pacific Rim and I Liked It

So I watched Pacific Rim and it was great and I loved it. I'm posting my initial reactions as the movie unfolded below. Sadly, because Pacific Rim was so utterly engrossing, this write-up is probably a bit less engrossing than the rest because I spent more time staring slack-jawed at the screen. Spoilers.
Not sure which part of USAF training is about flying into the enemy like a clumsy drunk.

I'd be surprised if most these suit sequences weren't practical effects. This shit is really lived in.

Huh. Knifehead. "You killed my brudder!"

Hell of a first fight. Surprised Knifehead died...or did he!? <He did.>

The jager could have IR or thermal vision, but they put floodlights on them. I wonder if there's a cutoff point for impractical mecha technology.

Effective setup for how bad things are in the world by fleshing out the conditions at the work site.

Our hero exists in this world. It's pretty great.

And he's still helping to fight the kaiju. Good stuff. Good guy.

I want to make this base in Minecraft, which I'm beginning to take as the sign of a good movie.

The introduction of this woman with this umbrella is fucking perfect.

Even though everyone is worn and used, all of it is incredibly impressive.

Marshall: "I can't tell you."
-Yeah, Marshall. Operational Security is important, what with all of those Kaiju spies. They could be anywhere.
-Just imagine a kaiju in a trenchcoat and fedora innocuously reading a fedora at a bus stop while Protagonist and Mako have a discussion at a bus stop. <No one was more surprised than I was when this actually became a thing.>

Wow This is a believable "kill them vs understated them" conflict.

Lovin' these crazy fashions of a unique sci-fi world.

Lovin' Ron Pearlman.

Marshall: "You take risks. You lead with your heart. I don' think you're the right man for this job."
Protagonist: "Really? That was a stock hero checklist to me."

The clock is a great way to mark the passage of time. Dark Knight Rises, are you paying attention? Give Batman a watch or something next time. <And the payoff at the end was fantastic.

Ah, the stock 80's douche character. Well done. Polite golf clap, Pacific Rim.

Protagonist is about to get his ass kicked by the deaf girl from Babel.

You CAN'T send two nerds to deal with black market dealers! <Oh, well they just sent one, but it was a great arc.

Jesus, this tiny Mako flashback shit is intense, even knowing it's a memory. It's just super-effective.

80's douche guy is 110% That Guy.
There is no way in hell Marshall has her other shoe in that jager.

God damn. This thing is great.

Wish that the text from the Russians had been 100% in Russian with English subtitles. At least then I could've understood them over the sound of their own thundering footsteps.

Took 'em by long to make an EMP.

Protagonist: "This is for real Mako."

Make: "No shiiiiit. I deduced that from the supplied context of A FUCKING KAIJU ATTACKING US, ASSHOLE!"

Cargo containers; like a roll of quarters for your mecha.

Took its left arm. Nice mirror.

Rule #2: Always double-tap. Mako and/or Protagonist evidently saw Zombieland. It was probably Mako.

This part <in the shelter> with the two bricks is great. It brazenly manipulates your expectations. You think something in this movie is going to be small, then it gets right back to everything being really big.

Melee boat. Boats are not structurally designed that way. It would never, ever work. It is physically impossible and that would be a problem, but this movie found a way to turn physical impossibility into pure awesome.

Just as they remembered they have the sword, some kid says "awesoooooome," and it's so perfectly timed and delivered I'm not 100% sure that isn't part of the movie's audio track.

Is there any fight left to fight after the fight in Hong Kong? What's your follow up to this?

Noooooo Ron Pearlman!

Finally, the scientist guy got to see one life and up close.

Marshall: "If I ever step into a jager again..."
Protagonist: "Dude, that was the sound of you being fated to ride a jager again."

Lots of Cultural stereotypes Owen is so British.

Mako's tear is too perfect. I'll believe just about everything else in this movie is practical, but I'm 100% sure that tear is CGI.

80's Douche: "How are we going to synch?"
Marshall: "I'm a badass."

Dude, Protagonist. You don't have to start thinking about the future 'til tomorrow.


Swords can't sing like that underwater, but who the fuck cares!?

Critical damage: Hip. Gipsy Danger is reduced to 1MP.

Morbo says: Nuclear reactors do not work that way!

Morbo says: Nuclear weapons do not work that way!

Always add jump jets to your mech! Always!

Only one movie this summer goes where no man—no one—has gone before. It's Pacific Rim. Not Star Trek.

Why does your REACTOR HAVE A TIMER!?

C'mon guys?! You couldn't find a real ocean to shoot this final scene on? Or is the Pacific Ocean really this beautifully fake-looking?

Yeeeeeeeees, Ron Pearlman!


SkilTao said...

"We are undermanned and underfunded. Welcome to the Resistance!"
*doors open to reveal millions of people working in a well-equipped, high-tech facility*

The Wall Is A Viable Alternative

omigod wings

I'm pretty sure he gave her an *adult* sized shoe, but nobody believes me.

Little girl acting is better than everybody else's acting.

Hey, so, you know how there's a plothole every three minutes? I think it's not just intentional, but that every single one of them is taken directly from other monster movies.

VanVelding said...

Complete supposition on the wall: The powers that be were preparing their nuke/kaiju-proof bunkers. The economy was wrecked, people were despondent except for folks worshiping the kaiju, and the jagers weren't working. I'm sure the powers that be would be facing down a cataclysmic (and personally injurious) societal breakdown. They publicized a cheap wall to keep folks upbeat and distracted while they used resources to cover their quiet, stage left exuant to either wait the kaiju out or precipitate a nuclear winter and then wait them out in accordance with the plans of the kaiju's masters.

If that was the case though, you'd expect them to at least be competent enough to prevent a stress-test of the wall (like what happened in Sydney) until after they vanished, so maybe they're just morons.

But yeah, my answers for most of the plotholes I noticed was "otherwise, there aren't giant robots punching monsters." I probably didn't notice a lot because I don't know much of anything about the 'giant robot punches giant monsters' genre after NGE.

I'd never considered the underfunded/undermanned thing, but you kind of have a point.

That little girl was nailing it. I can't speak for anyone else's acting, but the whole bit with little Mako was intense.

SkilTao said...

If the political council were in any way important to the movie, instead of just a plot device to add desperation to robots punching monsters, your supposition would've been a plausible way to go.

I meant little Mako's acting was passable while most others was laughable, but yeah, hers was genuinely good. I'm pretty surprised with the character as a whole, that her plot worked into the movie as cleanly as it did.