Friday, August 23, 2013

Jesus Fuck Google

This is intolerable. I can't stay logged into YouTube. I can't upload my YouTube video. Whatever that fuckup is, it's fucking up Blogger as well.

When and if I get the latest eBayables video up (Vimeo and Photobucket are my options after this last try), I'll probably put a post up here directing to it on my much-neglected site.

Which I feel won't be neglected for much longer.

Edit: eBayables 3: Something Old, Something New


SkilTao said...

Even xanga is powered by WordPress now. :(

VanVelding said...

That sounds awful. The new gadgets made Xanga borderline unusable for me. Of course, Blogspot is the same whenever you have a G+ account ("Do you want to post this to your timeline?" I know how to do that if I want to, jerks).

Might as well buckle down and put my HTML skills to use by developing an actual site. Whatever shit I'm working with, I'd much rather the problems are due to my own idiocy than someone else's.

You think my faux leather jacket texture would work as a background?

SkilTao said...

I've yet to sort through G+, still can't get "hangouts" (or whatever the post-chat thing is) to work right...

HTML 5.0 is supposed to be pretty cool. Dunno if I've seen anything built with it yet.

Faux leather seems like it'd work, yeah. I'd give it a shot.

VanVelding said...

I don't think anyone knows what they want to call Hangouts, and that's pretty messed up. It's not like they bought another video call company and are trying to rebrand; it's always been Google's thing and they can't even slap a consistent name on it. The functionality a bit wonky 'round the edges, but it's been okay for our roleplaying groups otherwise.

I also tried G+, and in the words of Doctor Cox, I tried it once and I thought it was stupid.