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Denver 5 Comics, 61-65

Denver 5 is an unillustrated comic strip about a group of dicks that are vaguely acquainted with one another because they are all endowed with metahuman abilities. Character descriptions are here.

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Comic 061
1. THE DENVER FACILITY CENTRAL CLASSROOM. It has two rows of four wide tables. Each table has a four seats and each row his higher than the next. At the front of the room are a large electronic "blackboard," a simple, wooden podium, and a table with a matte black top. Brown, zig-zag soundproofing covers the side of the room. There are single doors on either side of the front of the room and double doors on each side of the back wall. TYLER FOSS and THE SPIDER are entering the front right door with notebooks and pencils. You can see the entire front room of the class here and only The Spider and Tyler are visible.

"Class? Really?"

2. Same shot, but Tyler is moving towards the front left table. Spider is trailing further behind, taking the room in.
"This is way too early. I just woke up, like, five minutes ago."

3. Shot over Tyler's shoulder as he puts his books on the table. He's looking off to the left in surprise. This is probably the first shot which allows you to see the two back doors of the classroom.

"I was up until two playing--"

"I've been up for 72 hours sraight."

4. POV is from Tyler. The Spider is sitting at the left table, second chair from the center aisle stairs. His posture is tight and focused, spine straight, feet on the floor. As much as possible, he's staring straight forward.
"In another 12, the hallucinations start."

Comic 062
1. Tyler's sitting down behind his books, but is still about as grumpy in the last comic. He's looking over his right shoulder at the rest of the classroom as if looking for something.

"I thought this whole thing was just going to be us learning to use our powers."

2. Same shot, but Tyler's clearly still whining to The Spider.

"And why isn't Cyberparanoid here?"

3. Same shot. Tyler is slightly surprised.

GUY DREIL (Off-panel)
"Because he validated Introduction to Ehm Theory."

4. Guy Dreil is standing with arms crossed just behind the podium. He's wearing tan cargo pants with a powder blue U.N.I.T.Y. shirt with "Assistant Director" embossed on the left breast. He's smiling in a way that borders on a sadistic, close-lipped smile.

"And you'll be lucky to pass."

Comic 063
1. The focus is on GUY DREIL'S upper body, like a bust.

"And you have 'abilities,' not 'powers.'"

THE SPIDER (Off-panel)
"I saw you come in."

2. Guy is moving into the 'camera,' towards Tyler.

"Politicians have power. Bankers have power. Dictators have power. Atom bombs have power."

3. Profile shot of Guy leaning into Tyler. Tyler is surprised and backing away, but Guy isn't quite in his space. His arms are still crossed.

"Doctors have abilities. Boy scouts have abilities. Technicians have abilities. You have abilities. Is that clear?"

4. Same as Panel 3. Guy looks scrutinizing, with just a hint of meanness here.




Comic 064
1. GUY DREIL is standing at the podium looking authoritative. The time readout on the electronic black board behind him is 0720.

"Spider, who was the first person to manifest?"

THE SPIDER (Off-panel)
"I don't know. I am a Spider."

TYLER (Off-panel)
"Doctor Ehm!"

2. Guy Dreil, still at the podium, but looking more impatient than before. The time behind him is 0746.

"Tyler, what date was the world's first manifestation?"

TYLER (Off-Panel)
"March 20th, ten years ago."

"Yes, what year?"

TYLER (Off-panel)
"This year, minus ten. We all know what year it is and how to subtract ten."

3. Guy Dreil has achieved a state of cold rage. The time is 0811.

"Tyler, what's an Ehm Field?"

Tyler Foss (Off-panel)
"It's like an ehm...blanket?"

THE SPIDER (Off-panel)
"A self-contained cognitively-based barrier which separates selfsame ehm and n-ehm energies."

Comic 65
1. TYLER FOSS is sitting cross-legged outside. He has a pile of sand on a plate.

GUY DREIL (voice-over)
"Doctor Roberts, Tyler is a former engineering student. "

TYLER FOSS (internally)
"Just one grain..."

2. THE SPIDER is peering into the greenhouse in the GARDEN AREA of the DENVER UNITY FACILITY.

GUY DREIL (voice-over)
"The Spider is a lot smarter than he lets on. They're not unteachable; they're just jackasses."

Doctor Roberts (voice-over)
"So what do you have them doing now?"

3. Same shot as Panel 1, but the pile of sand is now a cloud. You can hear Tyler coughing behind it.

GUY DREIL (voice-over)
"I have Tyler working on fine control."

4. The Spider is peering suspiciously into the UTILITY ROOM, which is a concrete room with pipes running down and across the walls.

GUY DREIL (voice-over)
"The Spider is looking for Cyberparanoid."

DOCTOR ROBERTS (voice-over)
"Does he know Cyberparanoid is off-campus?"

GUY DREIL (voice-over)
"Didn't come up, sir."

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