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Denver 5 Comics, 56-60

Denver 5 is an unillustrated comic strip about a group of dicks that are vaguely acquainted with one another because they are all endowed with metahuman abilities. Character descriptions are here.

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Comic 056
1. In the police station office from strip 28. OLDER OFFICER is looking up from a report he was reading. OFFICER 56-1 (Female) is standing in the doorway. She's carrying a folder.

"Spider caught Jesse Childs."

"St. Lukes?"

"St. Lukes."

2. OFFICER 56-1 and OLDER OFFICER still in the office, but Older Officer is getting his coat on. She's reading the folder to him.

"They say Childs flipped his car through The Spider."

"Fucking Spider."

3. OFFICER 56-1 and OLDER OFFICER walking through the police station towards the exit. She's still reading the folder. He's grabbing a coffee from a small table with coffee supplies.

"Units were already in the area because of a building collapse."

"Fucking Spider."

4. OFFICER 56-1 and OLDER OFFICER outside of the police station, just past the awning from comic 37 (This was incorrectly described as an eave when it is in fact an awning.). The older officer has his keys pulled out is unlocking the key to his car. His other hand is still holding the coffee.

"There was a second vehicle involved in the crash. We don't think it's related."

"Fucking Spider."

Comic 057
1. Close up view of DPD police officer's chest (OFFICER 57-1, male). The left hand has a conservative ring made of plain carbon. On it, there's a small coat of arms like a swiss shield with a prominent "V" in it. We'll come to know it later as the symbol of "Vanguard," the multinational anti-meta organization. The symbol should be bone white because it is made out of real bones.
Uniform References:
-DPD Flicker Stream
-DPD website (with slideshow in the top right)
-DPD Wikipedia entry

 OFFICER 57-1 (face not pictured)
"Your friend Spider wrecked a whole family for you tonight"

2. Wider shot and we're back to the hallway with TYLER FOSS sitting along a bench in his cell and OFFICER 57-1 leaning against a wall opposite the cell. They are looking at one another. Tyler looks weary.

Tyler Foss

3. Head-on with OFFICER 57-1, but wide enough that we're paying attention to his face now. He's angry.

"Don't act so innocent."

4. Close up on Tyler who's mostly too-tired-to-care at this point.

Tyler Foss
"No. I was confused when you said he was my friend. You think that asshole has any friends?"

Comic 058
1. The picture is an internet video of DOCTOR ROBERTS standing at a podium in front of the gates of the Denver U.N.I.T.Y. Facility. The gates are black iron between brick walls approximately 8 ft high. The gate is designed to roll aside to allow cars in and out. See Comic 25 for earlier description.

"Days Later"

Doctor Roberts
"We do not associate with vigilantes like The Spider. Primarily this is due to legal concerns over detainment and apprehension."

2. Same picture.

Doctor Roberts
"It also stems from ethical concerns over his assaults and hospitalizations of citizens beyond the scope of law."

3. Same picture.

Doctor Roberts
"For those of you who remain cynical of U.N.I.T.Y., be satisfied that we also wish to avoid the strong public backlash any association would bring."

4. The shot is of the break room in the compound. THE SPIDER, TYLER FOSS, and CYBERPARANOID are sitting on the couch. Tyler has a laptop on his lap and the other two (on his left and right respectively) are watching. The Spider is stuffing his face with something from an unknown bag. Cyberparanoid is holding a bottle of orange Rockin' Fuel (this is a change from strip 11 when it was called 'Rocket Fuel'. New name is more memorable). DOCTOR ROBERTS is in a more relaxed version of his attire from the video, but seems slightly unhappy. He is leaning against the refrigerator behind them. See Comic 11 for Break Room layout.

Doctor Robert (from the laptop)
"U.N.I.T.Y. does not represent all metas, and should not receive credit or blame for their actions."

The Spider
"Bob! Have you tried these Hummin' Hummus Halves?"

"You should try them with Rockin' Fuel."
The Spider
"No way!"

Comic 059
1. We're back to internet video. It's DENVER POLICE CHIEF. Hispanic male. No name yet. Consult video for reference:
For the sake of Drama, Thomas Smith is amongst a gaggle of suited men and women behind him. The Denver Police Chief (DPC) speaks only through subtitles here. Feel free to abbreviate the very beginning and very end of his dialog to fit cleanly along the bottom of each panel. There is a very nice window with a pleasant, sunny ocean view on the right side of the room.

There's a man (UNITY ANALYST 59-1) in the slacks, polo shirt, and tablet we usually associate with Doctor Roberts stepping into that overhead projection of the video. Yes, I know this is impossible to draw. I'm very sorry about that.

The sunny window doesn't obliterate the projected image because it's the future and I don't want it to.

"U.N.I.T.Y. Headquarters, 0° LAT - 0° LONG"

U.N.I.T.Y. Analyst 59-1
"We think it was a careless mistake."

Denver Police Chief (subtitled)
"connection between The Spider and these events"

2. The video continues and we're pulling back to see the rest of the room. This isn't a shadowy meeting; it's a bright meeting in the clean, sterile environment of Tac-0, U.N.I.T.Y. headquarters. Participants are Director Lucas, Head of U.N.I.T.Y. and Ur-Telekine, Leader of the Southern Central Addressment Team (Descriptions in lieu of next week's update). Ur-Telekine is smoking a big, fat cigar.

U.N.I.T.Y. Analyst 59-1
"Independent investigation supports Doctor Robert's assessment:"

Denver Chief of Police (subtitles)
"We are talking with federal officials about U.N.I.T.Y. action"

3. Same scene as Panel 2, except we're pulling further back to reveal Mongoose of the Southern Central Addressment Team and a very bored Doctor Ehm. The projected image now is that of Comic 57, Panel 4.

U.N.I.T.Y. Analyst 59-1
"We've met the final criterion for C.E.U.A.N.,"
Tyler Foss (subtitles)
"You think that asshole has any friends?"

4. The we've pulled back to that we see there is one more individual in the room, Doctor Amol Chatterjee, a middle aged man of Indian descent with heavy glasses on. The slide now shows an image of a black humanoid, something like the Vitruvian man in that it's a model, not an actual person. Beside it, we see the acronym C.E.U.A.N. spelled out: Co-opt, Emulate, Understand, Anticipate, Neutralize.

U.N.I.T.Y. Analyst 59-1 (not pictured)
"The Spider is vulnerable."

Comic 60
1. Yup, more internet video. I hope you don't have a tropes drinking game for Omniscient Council of Vagueness, Sinister Silhouettes, or the trope where you catch everyone up via in-universe news reports.

Where was I?

The video is entitled, "Thank God for teh Spider." Yes, that's on purpose. WOMAN 55-1 is a conservatively-dressed middle-aged black woman.

Woman 55-1
"When someone tried to rob my restaurant, The Spider broke his arm."

2. Internet video continues. WOMAN 55-2 is a younger, but slightly heavy woman carrying a toddler.

Woman 55-2
"When my house had a carbon monoxide leak, he...just knew. He saved my family."

3. More internet video. MAN 55-1 is an elderly man, hoisting up his cane proudly and smiling.

Man 55-1
"When someone tried to mug me, The Spider beat him to death with my cane!"

4. Backing up, we get a classic villainous silhouette of THE OUTLAW. The most prominent thing about his silhouette is his cowboy hat. Even his sex should be indeterminate. MAN 55-2 is on the screen, middle-aged, slightly heavy Hispanic.

The Outlaw
(1) "The Spider, huh?"
(2) "Sounds dangerous."

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Formatting on this is shit. MS Word transferred it fucked-up, Blogger editor is fucked-up, and I've got to work tomorrow morning. I'll try to hammer the kinks out tomorrow afternoon. Sorry guys.

Next week is nothing but visual descriptions for a lot of the stuff I brought up today. Week after that is up in the air as I work on the next storyline.

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