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Denver 5 Comics, 51-55

Denver 5 is an unillustrated comic strip about a group of dicks that are vaguely acquainted with one another because they are all endowed with metahuman abilities. Character descriptions are here.

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Comic 051
1. THE SPIDER is still in the loft from Strip 50. He's holding a shotgun casually while looking at a crumpled girl (50-1) on the floor.

"Tell me she's new."

2. FRANKLIN and SAMANTHA are standing on the right and left side of the loft window. Samantha is obviously angry, but carries her rifle in a very casual left shoulder arms. Franklin looks obviously worried, and holding one hand as if to halt THE SPIDER while grabbing a slip of paper from his pocket with the other.

"She's new! She's new!"

3. THE SPIDER moves past FRANKLIN AND SAMANTHA to the window. Franklin is looking to his right (towards Cohort 50-1) and lifting the hand as if he's still holding the paper even though he isn't.

"Thank you."

4. FRANKLIN moving to the left while SAMANTHA is leaning out the window.


Comic 052
1. POV shot centered on the window. SAMANTHA is still looking out of the window after The Spider. FRANKLIN is leaning over Cohort 50-1 (unpictured). He's addressing COHORT 50-2, a somewhat older Hispanic male.

"Get her to St. Luke's. Keep pressure on it."

"Is he deaf or something?"

2. Close up on FRANKLIN as he takes paper towels from an offscreen hand (Cohort 50-3).

(1) "No. They don't care Sam."
(2) "Thanks, B."

3. Same shot as Panel 1, more or less, as SAMANTHA starts returning her rifle to its case, resting on a chair to the right. FRANKLIN is looking down as he scrubs the floor. Not far from the chair is a trash can.

"Seems to care what we can do for him."

"Next week he'll send us to the hospital for making money and having guns."

4. Same shot as Panel 3. FRANKLIN is walking towards SAMANTHA, dropping a bloody pile of paper towels into the trash can.

"We're too small to mind 'til we do something important."

Comic 053
1. A car whips around the corner. It's a white sedan with a single red panel on the left side. The occupant is unseen.

"Later that night."

"What girl?!"

2. Inside the car, we can see JESSE CHILDS (Comic 17). He looks panicked and is steering with both hands while looking in the rear-view mirror. He's got glass from the window of his door on him.

Jesse Childs
"I don't know any girl!"

3. Looking outside-in from the broken drivers-side window. JESSE CHILDS is alone in the vehicle and taking a bag full of white pills out of his console with his right hand.

Jesse Childs
"I haven't dealt since my last bust!"

4. Looking through the windshield at JESSIE CHILDS. His right hand is throwing the bag out of the passenger side window and you can still see it flying out. His look is one of near-panic.

Jesse Childs
"Aw, bullshit!"

Comic 054
1. THE SPIDER is in front of a speeding vehicle, arms crossed. It's the vehicle from Strip 53.

"Tarantulas can shoot urticating hairs as a defense mechanism."

2. This panel focuses on the right side of the car as we look at it head-on. The right front tire has exploded from The Spider's urticating hairs.

3. This is a shot that pans right and we see that the car has jerked violently to the right. We can see JESSE CHILDS inside, his left hand jerked to the right while trying to control the steering wheel. He's panicking.

4. The car is on its side and is coming at us as it flips. It should be intimidating and immediate.

Comic 55
1. Half-panel. The very front half of THE SPIDER is facing the oncoming roof of the car from Strip 53. Background can be the same as from Strip 49, but it's optional as we're intentionally focusing on The Spider here.

2. Full panel. THE SPIDER is performing a three-point crouch as the car sails overhead.

3. Half-panel. The back half of THE SPIDER as the car continues sailing over him.

4. Full panel. Close up on THE SPIDER as he has a self-congratulatory smile over a totally sweet move. There's a crashing sound behind him.

5. Full panel. There's a second crashing sound behind him. THE SPIDER is surprised.

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