Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Denver 5 Proof of Concept, pt 01

A few months ago, I and a friend kicked around an aborted comics project featuring superhuman jerks being jerks on a truly superhuman level. Character descriptions are here and the pilot plots are posted below.
*Doctor Bob, standing at a podium, obviously speaking to an unpictured group.*
Doctor Bob (DB): "All metas trained by U.N.I.T.Y. may be called upon at any time to serve a front-line role in an emergency."
*Shows Cyberparanoid(CP) performing CPR on a dummy. DB's voice continues, but he is not present.*
DB: "Basic first aid should be administered unhesitatingly and expertly. U.N.I.T.Y. certification means saving lives, and doing so responsibly."
*Shows The Spider moving ambulances over a simple map of a city with fires on various buildings. OR CP with parts of a miniature city in front of him, a 'scoreboard' is behind him with a countdown timer and words similar to "Crisis Response Scenario 03." Regardless of the exact image, DB is again only narrating and not present.*
DB: "Whether it's because of your meta abilities or perceived affiliation with U.N.I.T.Y., others will often defer to you in a crisis."
*Back to Bob, who's looking offscreen.* "Your goal is to be ready for any—excuse me I have to go."
*Snake and Guy (Giohi if you can fit him in) flank Bob and he takes off his suit and jacket and puts on a U.N.I.T.Y. polo shirt and khakis. He's obviously moving forward and they're keeping up.*
Guy: "New manifestation at the University. They've taken him to HOSPITAL."
Snake: "Report is that an engineering lab was destroyed. One student dead."
Bob: "Smith, get with the university and make it right."
Guy: "A plasma sheet encompassed the scene, probably from a set of failed engine modifications."
Bob: "Giohi, get with Zero Tac. Apprise them of the situation and request a standby Addressment Team."
Guy: "Police are offering a ride to the hospital and say they've contacted the family."
Bob: "I'll take the company car. You're in charge here. Inform the students // and get a room ready."
*Scene is a hospital room. Doctor Bob sits in a chair to the left. On the right, Tyler Foss sits up in a hospital bed facing the other man. The sun is setting in the window behind him.*
Bob: "You're awake."
Tyler: "What happened?"
*Close shot on Bob's face*
Bob (now with a faint blue glow to his eyes): "An accident. I'm Doctor Eric Roberts with U.N.I.T.Y. Your parents are outside, but I'd like to ask you a few questions before they come in."
*Far shot again*
Bob: "How do you feel?
Tyler: "Weird. It's like I can see everything, but it's all wrong in some way I can't describe. Is that bad?"
Bob: "Sounds like normal human maturation."
*Far shot still. Tyler is wide-eyed.*
Bob: "I'm just kidding; it's the superhuman abilities."
*Same shot as the previous comic*
Caption: 15 minutes later
Bob: "According to the paramedics, you've developed an enhanced resistance to harm and a mild defensive shield."
Tyler *pensively*: "Oh."
*Same shot, but Bob's getting up and moving towards the "camera" and the reader.*
Bob: "It's an ehm-energy manifestation. Luckily, one that seems defensive in nature. After you talk to your parents, I'll see if you'd like to learn to control it."
Tyler: "Wait. I remember what happened."
*Bob is still walking forward, his face is cast in shadow as he approaches the door that's located, unseen, in front of him.*
Bob: "I'll be in touch."
Tyler: "What happened to Ken?"
*Bob, with a shaft of light from the open door on his face. His expression is sad, eyes closed or cast down.*
Bob: "...I'll bring your parents in."

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