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Denver 5 Comics, 46-50

Denver 5 is an unillustrated comic strip about a group of dicks that are vaguely acquainted with one another because they are all endowed with metahuman abilities. Character descriptions are here.

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Comic 046
1. Location is inside of the building described in Comic 045. POV is over the shoulder of THUG 46-1 in the back, right corner of the store. He's behind a counter that runs the length of the back of the store with an opening on the far end, opposite the entrance. On Thug 1's left are two windows—one broken where THE SPIDER entered—and three pillars. Two other thugs are behind the pillar (Thug 46-2 and Thug 46-3). Thugs 46-2 and 46-3 are both hunched and covered in glass. The opposite wall also has three pillars with two more thugs behind it (Thug 46-4 and Thug 46-5). On the right wall are piled shelves from when the building was a convenience store. Behind them are Thugs 46-6 and THUG 46-7. THE SPIDER is in the center of the floor, Thugs 1, 4, & 5 have guns (M-16's, with optional, futuristic flourishes if you want) trained on him. He's crouching low, coming up from his three point stance when we last saw him.

Spider (Internally)
"There's a rumor I got my name from my first night out."

2. Same shot as panel 1. Gunfire is erupting. THE SPIDER is crashing through the counter that was in front of THUG 46-1, grasping his assault rifle. The Spider's face is intimidating. Staggered above THUG 46-6 and THUG 46-7 are indistinct glints of thrown grenades (M-84 stun grenades), two each.

Spider (Internally)
"I fell into a hideout, and took out eight gangers."

3. Close up on THE SPIDER, crouched on THUG 46-1's chest. Thug 46-1 is unconscious. The Spider's right arm is straight back because he's thrown 46-1's assault rifle at 46-4. You can either pan out to show his hand after the throwing motion. Alternatively, while I usually eschew motion lines for The Spider, as he's often moving too quickly for them, they would be acceptable here.

Spider (Internally)
"They think eight is my limit. So they always send nine."

4. POV over The Spider's shoulder as he looks back and up at the grenades.

Spider (Internally)
"It was fifteen."

Comic 047
1. The wrecked counter, with some of the window on the right. The shadows of the pillars and THUG 46-2 and 46-3 are on the wall to the left. A piece of shelving swings up above the counter to swat the grenades, now flying away from the counter.

Spider (Internally)
"This happens every few months."

2. Same as Panel 1. Light washes over the scene as a quartet of "BOOM!"s fill the lower portion of the panel.

Spider (Internally)
"A critical mass of thugs gathers. Newbies."

3. The same as Panel 1, except now, THE SPIDER is peaking his head over the counter top.

Spider (Internally)
"Ones that haven't seen enough friends with colostomy bags and reconstructive surgery."

4. Same scene as panel 1, except you can see the shadow of THE SPIDER kicking the shadow of THUG 46-2 in the face.

Spider (Internally)
"Ones that aren't scared enough."

Comic 048
1. In the corner opposite the door, there's the end of the stairway that leads up to the ceiling. In the light from the broken windows, we can see THUG 48-1 and THUG 48-2 coming down the stairs warily.Thug 1 is towards the far wall and Thug 2 is closer to the foreground. This is a five-panel strip, so this one should be as small as possible.

2. The silhouette of THE SPIDER is flying through the air, his foot firmly placed in the throat of the thug further from the viewer, his right hand firmly grasping the gun.

Spider (Internally)
"If I murdered people, DPD would ask U.N.I.T.Y. to come in with an Addresment Team."

3. POV is over the shoulder of THUG 48-2, looking at THE SPIDER, who is presenting an M-84 Stun Grenade and pointing behind Thug 2. For the sake of continuity, Thug 1's gun is on the floor behind him. The Spider is speaking, but his dialog is obscured by his internal monologue.

Spider (Internally)
"We'd fight. I'd lose. The press would paint me as another lunatic. While U.N.I.T.Y. gets to pose for more glamorshots."


4. POV shot over the shoulder of THUG 48-2, but facing the opposite direction. There's a metal hose coming out of the wall. It's obviously a gas line that's been opened. If we can see the Thug's face, it's one of surprise and concern.

Spider (Internally)
"It would be over."

"Jesse Childs."

5. THE SPIDER is walking away from the building. It's burning. Considering that The Spider just crossed a moral event horizon for the audience here, there's a natural inclination to evoke the Rorschach flashback scene from Watchmen, but no. If you can, have a figure (THUG 48-2 for the sake of continuity) pulling another (THUG 46-3) from the building.

Spider (Internally)
"But buildings full of priors playing with grenades burn down sometimes."

Comic 049
1. THE SPIDER is standing in a street, arms crossed, staring slightly upwards. The building behind him is a low, brick building. (REF:,+Denver,+Colorado&hl=en&ll=39.751958,-104.991317&spn=0.008826,0.019805&sll=39.74167,-104.977174&sspn=0.000393,0.000619&t=h&gl=us&hnear=Market+St,+Denver,+Colorado&z=16&layer=c&cbll=39.75208,-104.991477&panoid=ujRmAdoPHASnepzjsUXMtw&cbp=12,44.17,,0,-14.04). It has the laundromat and alley from Strips 41-44.

2. The shot is over THE SPIDER'S shoulder, focused on the multicolored building to the right. (REF:,+Denver,+Colorado&hl=en&ll=39.751958,-104.991317&spn=0.008826,0.019805&sll=39.74167,-104.977174&sspn=0.000393,0.000619&t=h&gl=us&hnear=Market+St,+Denver,+Colorado&z=16&layer=c&cbll=39.75208,-104.991477&panoid=ujRmAdoPHASnepzjsUXMtw&cbp=12,221.93,,0,-46.27)

3. Same POV, but he's looking straight ahead at the building to the left of the last one. (REF:,+Denver,+Colorado&hl=en&ll=39.752073,-104.991467&spn=0.008826,0.019805&sll=39.74167,-104.977174&sspn=0.000393,0.000619&t=h&gl=us&hnear=Market+St,+Denver,+Colorado&z=16&layer=c&cbll=39.751869,-104.991204&panoid=ooYHdwrNTk7OcdLDwNSoQg&cbp=12,214.89,,0,-42.81)

4. Same POV, but THE SPIDER is looking to the building at the far left. (REF:,+Denver,+Colorado&hl=en&ll=39.741668,-104.977174&spn=0.00039,0.000619&sll=39.741668,-104.977174&sspn=0.001572,0.002476&t=h&gl=us&hnear=824+E+16th+Ave,+Denver,+Colorado+80218&z=21&layer=c&cbll=39.74167,-104.977174&panoid=iOL45sXtl16sZJ3Pz25ZJw&cbp=12,350.09,,0,-29.15) The top level of windows are the full-length, round-top windows from Strip 49.

Comic 50
1. POV is the same full-length, round-top window from Strip #44. The same male and female (44-1 & 44-2) are in front of it. They are no longer silhouetted. He's still wearing a bulky grey jacket and baseball cap (REF: His ethnicity is unclear, but he's obviously quite young. The female is wearing a black bulletproof vest under a short denim jacket. She's got her hair pulled back into a ponytail as she looks down the scope of a hunting rifle that she's pointing out of the window, her finger is not on the trigger. She's a lighter-skinned black person of about the same age, if not younger, than the male.

Female 44-2 (Samantha)
"He's still on the street. I can get him."

2. Same shot at Panel 1. SAMANTHA's putting the gun up and looking at 44-1 with reluctant compliance.

Male 44-1 (Franklin)
"Put that up. If he sees you--"

3. THE SPIDER is standing behind them, surrounded by four more COHORTS of Samantha and Franklin, who frame the picture. One of the cohorts (50-1) is a young, blonde female who is positioned between Franklin and The Spider. While the other cohorts are frozen while pulling out weapons, she's already brought a shotgun to bear on him.

The Spider's word bubble overlaps the end of Franklin's from the previous panel.

"It'll be worse."

4. Exact same shot, except that The Spider is grasping the barrel of the shotgun in his left hand. His right hand is about where the Cohort 50-1 used to have her face. She's no long in frame, but there is a "WHUMP" emanating from the floor where she just landed.

"Jesse Childs"

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Wow. Fifty strips. Glad we could end it with The Spider punching a teenage girl.

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