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Denver 5 Comics, 41-45

Denver 5 is an unillustrated comic strip about a group of dicks that are vaguely acquainted with one another because they are all endowed with metahuman abilities. Character descriptions are here.

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Comic 041
1. CITIZEN #41-1 & CITIZEN #41-2 are walking past a laundromat. If you look at the top, The Spider's shadow should be running down the building and across the sidewalk.

Citizen #41-1
"'Come in the long way!' What's wrong with Leo?"

2. Same shot as panel 1, the two are moving at a fast walk. Approaching an alley on the right.

Citizen #41-2
"Probably the same thing makin' him protect this Childs guy."

3. Close up on Citizen #1

Citizen #1
"I heard The Spider is looking for him."

4. Same scene as panel 3. In the background, you can see THE SPIDER.

"I heard he just found him."

Comic 042

1. Same POV as strip 41, panels 1 & 2, but further along so the alley is central. The next building is a Benton's Tax Office. CITIZEN #41-1 and CITIZEN #41-2 are backing into the alley, obviously afraid and rummaging in their pockets. THE SPIDER is non-plussed, still on the sidewalk with his arms crossed.

2. Same scene as panel 1. The CITIZENS are backed into the alley, side by side, panicked. They should be backlit, with a chainlink fence and a streetlight behind them. Their guns are drawn and facing the reader, flanking THE SPIDER, who is now between the reader and the citizens, facing away from the reader. Citizen #2 is on our left.

Citizen #41-2
"We're not telling you anything!"

3. Same shot. THE SPIDER is walking away, dejected. The CITIZENS are surprised and relieved.

"Shucks. Oh well. G'night guys."

4. Closer focus on the CITIZENS, who are very relieved, even smiling. Behind them is a monstrous silhouette of THE SPIDER, emerging from the shadows of the alleyway. He can be off-model big; he is a predator in his natural environment poised to strike. In each of his fists, he has a clip from the Citizens' pistols.

Citizen #1
"Wow, I did not think it would be that easy."

Comic 043

1. Close up on the torso of CITIZEN #41-1. THE SPIDER is dropping down on Citizen 1 with his forearms, shattering the non-meta's clavicle. The upper left and right portions of Citizen 1's torso should look like cars wrapped around the trees of The Spider's forearms. Citizen #1 is dropping his gun. The Spider's fists (in the foreground) should obviously be holding the clips to the Citizens' guns.

2. Wider shot reveals CITIZEN #41-2. He turns to point his gun (left hand) at THE SPIDER, who is raising his forearms slightly to let CITIZEN #41-1 fall to the ground. Citizen #1 is screaming. The Spider's look is neither angry nor surprised. The gun pointed at him is a fact.

3. Same shot as panel 2. THE SPIDER's hand has snapped Citizen #2's right forearm in half, bending it in on itself so that the lower half is 45 degrees above the rest of it. His hand has released the gun. The actual break point is as bloody as you want it, cropping it entirely would be acceptable. The entire arm is dislocated at the shoulder from the impact. The Spider's expression can either be the neutrality of panel 2 or a flicker of anger as he makes the lightning-quick blow. Citizen #2's expression is one of pure shock. Off-panel, Citizen #1's screams fade into moaning.

4. Same scene, perhaps wider if it's necessary to show CITIZEN #2's leg. THE SPIDER is stomping Citizen #2's right femur in half. Spider's expression conveys no more emotional investment than that of panel 2. Citizen #2 is also starting to scream as he realizes his first injury.

Spider (Whispering)
"Jesse Childs."

Comic 044

1. Through a full-length, round top window, a man and a woman are silhouetted. The man is wearing a bulky jacket with a baseball cap. The woman has a ponytail and a short jacket. Through the window, CITIZEN 41-2 is crawling in the street, shouting something. He's shouting "Jesse Childs," but it's not a priority that that's clear. The street is one-way with three lanes and stripes about two feet long.

2. Traveling through the window, we can see that the alley is in the background. CITIZEN #2 is lying on the edge of the empty street, obviously in pain with a useless leg and arm. His left arm is in front of him, as it's how he pulled himself from the alley to the edge of the street. There is a quiet voice from the alley saying something too soft for us to hear from this perspective. Citizen #2 is looking back at the alley.

3. More focus on CITIZEN #2, as he's looking forward, focused on reaching forward, towards the closer of the street's two white lines. He's in pain, but he's even more afraid not to do this.

4. Same as Panel 1, except that we can see that CITIZEN #2 has pulled himself to the middle of the road, in agony, he screams Child's name instead of a random bellow of agony.

Male Silhouette
"Find him."

Comic 45

1. THE SPIDER is crouching on one street corner, picking up a piece of broken curb. Across the intersection is a building. It's a one-story building with two broad windows on each all, an exterior that looks like stone, but obviously isn't, and a flattened corner that has the building's main entrance, a standard glass door set in metal with a simple crossbar on both sides. The entire building looks dilapidated. There are power cables leading up to it on the left side.

Spider (Internally)
"The human swastika I left crawling across 20th gave me this address."

2. THE SPIDER throws the piece of curb at the power junction, which only gives off a "Thunk" sound one would expect of a rock hitting a building.

Spider (Internally)
"A nobody who happens to know about a major drug distributor's 'secret safehouse.'"

3. The Spider has launched himself through the air. We're looking up as he sails overhead, somewhat angry.

Spider (Internally)
"Obvious trap."

4. THE SPIDER, having launched himself through the window, pulls off a fine, if cliched, three-point landing in the middle of an abandoned bakery filled with rubble, pillars, glass cases, and men with guns. Fit as many as you can, up to seven, without crowding out The Spider's entrance.

Spider (Internally)
(1) "Two more upstairs."
(2) "They always send nine. :)"

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