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Denver 5 Comics 71-75

Denver 5 is an unillustrated comic strip about a group of dicks that are vaguely acquainted with one another because they are all endowed with metahuman abilities. Character descriptions are here. 

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Strip 71
1. CYBERPARANOID exits Professor Wilson's office, MARCUS and ALEXANDER are waiting outside. Marcus is a short man with a bookbag and thin-rimmed glasses. He's wearing a polo shirt and slacks. Alexander is taller and thinner, but still shorter than Cyberparanoid. He has long, dirty hair that could be blonde on a good day. He carries a beaten spiral notebook. Both are white and about the same age as Cyberparanoid. Both have been waiting for CP for a while, with Alexander leaning on the wall and Marcus standing, facing the direction they are about to walk.

"About time. We're probably going to be late to Lit."

Cyberparanoid *smugly*
"Don't worry about it."

2. Alexander is looking over his shoulder while they walk down the hall, which has white paint over large bricks that come halfway up the wall. Other students pass behind them, including CLIFF WHITE, who has just passed them and is giving Cyperparanoid the stink-eye.

"Took long enough. He suckin' off his best student in there?"

Marcus *rolling his eyes; he's a bit tired of Alexander's crudeness*

3. They continue walking through the building, passing Rockin' Fuel vending machines.

Cyberparanoid *smiling*
"Actually, he wanted to say he expected better work out of me in the future."

"Only you could make that sound like a compliment."

Strip 72
1. They're leaving a red brick building and emerging onto a green where six paved paths meet in a central square.

"But seriously, what are we going to do about this database assignment? It's insa—"

Cyberparanoid *somewhat bored*
"I already did it."

2. They're still walking. Cyberparanoid is looking off into the distance, as if he's somewhat beyond this conversation. Alexander is letting out a big breath; he's seen these two go at it before is just staying out of the way.

Marcus *incredulous*
"Really? How?"

"I can't tell you how to do it; that would be cheating."

3. They're a bit further along now. Alexander is checked out and is cocking his head to enjoy the curves on a nearby female student. If she fits on the panel, she's disgusted at his attention.

"He just assigned it in class."

Cyberparaniod *slightly defensive*
"I did it really quickly."

 4. At this point, they're under a canopy of trees and no one is looking at one another.

Marcus *looking away, but still looking sharply*
"It sounds like you're cheating already."

Strip 73
1. They're entering a building thorough glass double-doors with black metal frames, a push bar on the inside, and a pull handle on the outside. Marcus is taking point; he's slightly upset. Cyberparanoid is holding the door open behind him. Alexander is sliding in the other door as another student (73-1) squeezes through the door between them.

"Whoa. Hey Mark. I'm not cheating; I'm just really good with code."


2. They're walking further down the hall. There are large paintings on the wall that indicate this is a liberal arts building.

"Really? Then what was the hardest part?"

Cyberparanoid *thinking*
"Um...naming variables?"

3. Marcus is not satisfied with Cyberparanoid's answer. He's pushing on ahead, looking shorter because he's hunched over to hurry. Alexander is a few steps behind him, turning back to address Cyberparanoid.

"What did you fuck up?"

Cyberparanoid *shrugging helplessly*
"I don't...make mistakes?"

4. They're entering a classroom, Cyberparanoid and Alexander are still outside, but Marcus is already inside, throwing up his arms just inside the door. He is just exasperated with Cyberparanoid's unhelpfulness.
"You are such a jackass!"

Strip 74
1. Cyberparanoid, Marcus, and Alexander are sitting next to each other in class, getting up. There's a ringing overhead. Marcus is turning his phone one, a black, touchscreen phone.

Professor Voice (off panel)
"Read chapters three and four for next time!"


2. Closer up on Marcus who's flanked by Cyberparanoid and Alexander as they leave the classroom. His phone is releasing a series of varied beeps. Alexander is powering his own.

"Someone was texting me like crazy in there."

Alexander's Phone

3. Text message screen, all one sided. It says "Cyberparanoid" at the top.

(1) Marcus, are you a poop butt?
(2) Reply if you're not a poop butt.
(3) ...
(4) Well, there we are then

4. Marcus is giving Cyberparanoid a withering look. Cyberparanoid is looking slightly amused. Alexander is focused on his phone, grinning in amusement.

"Just a little app I wrote."

Alexander's Phone
"'Did you know Marcus was a poop butt.'"

Strip 75
1. They're splitting up outside where several walkways cross through a small, green clearing.

"Hey, you know I'm just messing with you."

"'Messing with' implies parity—"

2. Overhead shot as Marcus storms off.

Cyberparanoid *word panel breaking across Marcus' from the first panel*
"Hey, i didn't know you were so—"

"Fuck you. I'll see you guys around."

3. Focus is on Alexander as he backs away, pointing at both of his friends. Strangely, he's grinning.

"Yeah, fuck you guys forever."

4. All three of them are gathered around a table lit by a single overhead light. They look like serious professionals, instead of the immature college kids they were earlier.

"Much Later..."

"Good to see you made it. First order of business is the same as always:"

Cyberparanoid & Alexander simultaneously
"Destroying U.N.I.T.Y."

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