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Denver 5 Comics 76-80

Denver 5 is an unillustrated comic strip about a group of dicks that are vaguely acquainted with one another because they are all endowed with metahuman abilities. Character descriptions are here.

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Comic 076
1. THE DENVER FACILITY BREAK ROOM (See Comic 11 for reference). In addition, there's a Key Rack on the side of the refrigerator, towards the front so it doesn't catch on the door. THE SPIDER is sitting in the couch, reading a copy of The Rocky Mountain News (a newspaper which is defunct IRL). Through the interior wooden door behind him, TYLER FOSS is leaning through.

"Hey. I'm going to the mall. Wanna come?"

2. We're looking at The Spider head-on, from a POV just inside of the newspaper. He's pointing his left hand at his face.

"This is not a mask. I'm a violent vigilante."

3. We're back to the POV from Panel 1. The Spider's word bubble continues across to this panel. His hands are both back on the newspaper. Tyler is standing in the room now.

"I'm hated by criminals, wanted by the police, and loathed by activists hunting for a cause."

4. Same POV. Tyler is curious and has stepped a bit closer to The Spider.

"You're worried they'll catch you?"

"I'm worried your ego will be collateral damage when they do."
Comic 077
1. TYLER FOSS is leaning over the couch in the DENVER FACILITY BREAK ROOM (See Comic 11 for reference). He's a big guy and he's using his height to try and fill some space. Not ominously and not intentionally; unconsciously, this is the kind of looming that works for him.

"My ego aside, Cherry Creek just opened a James Juyce."

2. Same shot as Panel 1. Tyler is standing, perhaps giving a small fist pump. He's in motion and very happy. The Spider seems frustrated. He's put the paper down.

"It's Comic-Con. I can probably appear in public without causing a riot."

3.We're back to the wider shot from Strip 76. Tyler is now facing the  dramatically putting a hand to his head while pointing at the key rack. The entire rack is covered in purple and it's floating slightly.

"Cool! Let me get my keys."

4. We're looking over The Spider's head, Tyler is visible over The Spider's shoulder, turning back and startled.

*One big 'thump' lying over a number of tinier 'crash'es*

"No. I hate Cherry Creek."

Comic 078
1. THE SPIDER is still sitting on the couch in the DENVER FACILITY BREAK ROOM. He's gathered the newspaper in his right hand as he shifts in the couch to address TYLER FOSS. The spilled keys are on the floor just by the refrigerator.

"You were supposed to say 'Really?'"
"Then I was going to say 'No. I hate the mall.'"

2. Same shot as Panel 1. They quietly make eye contact.

3. Same shot as Panel 1.

"You ruined it."

4. Same shot at Panel 1, except that TYLER FOSS is picking up the spilled keys and The Spider is reading The Rocky Mountain News again.

"Did you want to try The Pavillion?"

"No. I hate The Pavillion."

Comic 079
1. THE SPIDER is sitting on the couch in the DENVER FACILITY BREAK ROOM, reading a copy of The Rocky Mountain News. Behind him is TYLER FOSS, who is adjusting a key rack on the side of the refrigerator.

"So you hate all malls?"

"I have three days a year to walk around my city in peace."

2. Same shot as Panel 1 except that Tyler is done with the keyrack and he's putting keys into his pocket.

"I won't waste it at a mall."

"After all I do for this city, I think I deserve that."

3. Tyler's still by the refrigerator. He looks dubious.

"Didn't you put an innocent couple in the hospital a week ago?"

4. The Spider has dropped his hands and seems angry. He's not looking at Tyler, but sort of shouting in general.

"That was an accident AND YOU NEVER SAID THANK-YOU!"

Comic 80
1. External shot of DENVER FACILITY. East face. Should be corrugated tan metal with dark brown highlights on the outside. Not married to the color. The door to the break room is a glass door on the second floor. There's a cheap but sturdy rebar "porch" outside with metal railings that connects to the stairs that reach the east yard. The stairs have one U-bend in them halfway down (May or may not be pictured, but this is the reference for the east side of the building now.

The glass door is opaque, reflecting the east yard, the brick wall at the end of it, and past that, streetlights, a rising moon, and stars emerging with the onset of night.

TYLER FOSS (not pictured)
"Bob is letting me off my leash after Dreil's dickery today and I just--"

2. We're back in THE DENVER FACILITY BREAK ROOM with a close up on THE SPIDER'S face. He's raising an eyebrow at the silence.

TYLER FOSS (not pictured)

3. The Spider has turned around and is sitting backwards in the couch with his knees on the cushions. Over his right shoulder, we can see the same skyline of emerging darkness visible in Panel 1.

TYLER FOSS (not pictured)
"...realized how much trouble, me, my telekinesis, and a mall could make."

4. Wide shot of the room. The gnarled newspaper is on the back of the couch. THE SPIDER is leaving in a hurry to catch up with Tyler (not pictured).

"You are buying me a Ulysslushie."

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