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Denver 5 Comics 81-85

Denver 5 is an unillustrated comic strip about a group of dicks that are vaguely acquainted with one another because they are all endowed with metahuman abilities. Character descriptions are here.

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Comic 81
1. TYLER FOSS and THE SPIDER are walking around Cherry Creek Mall. Tan, faux marble floors and facades. Glass dividers and storefronts with bright silver handrails and detailing. In the background, there are some cosplayers. They and others look at the pair of metas as they walk into a clothing store, side by side.

Tyler: "You don't have to watch me; I was just kidding with you about causing trouble."
2. The Spider is checking out a rack of coats on a clearance rack.

Tyler: "I just wanted to hang with someone without a lecture on Ehm-theory and responsibility."

3. The Spider has picked out a coat [See reference] and is taking it to check out.

Tyler: " notice how we never train to work as a team?"

4. The Spider is offering the coat with a pile of cash to a cashier who is staring, aghast, at his mouth. Tyler looks sad.

The Spider: "We're not a team." "We'll never be a team." "We'll never work together."

Comic 82
1. Profile view as THE SPIDER and TYLER FOSS walk through the mall. The Spider, now wearing his ugly jacket, is looking at something ahead and slightly above them as he pockets his change.

Tyler: "I know this is temporary, but I still want to know you guys."

2. Tyler is looking into space, trying to find the right words as The Spider continues focusing on something ahead and higher up now.

Tyler: "I'm stuck at the facility most of the time with just you and CP."

3. We're tracking Tyler, so when The Spider is stopped, staring up, he falls back. 

Tyler: "And it's all business with Doctor Bob and Dreil around."

4. Tyler looks back at where he expects The Spider to be, in the same relative position he was in Panel 1. He's realizing Spider isn't behind him. In fact, The Spider is at the very right hand side of the panel.

Tyler: "You and C.P. can leave any time you like, but I haven't even seen my own fam--"

Comic 83
1. Both TYLER FOSS and THE SPIDER are staring up at a toy helicopter being flown by SALESMAN 83-1, a male of Persian descent at a nearby booth. He's happy as he talks to them. The toy helicopter being flown is black and brown with a black widow's hourglass on it. Beside the salesman is another helicopter, black and white with flames on it. POV is behind the helicopter looking down. 

Salesman: "You can even dogfight them!"

2. Tyler and The Spider continue looking as the helicopter moves around.

3. They continue looking.

Tyler: "Of course, with my telekinesis, it wouldn't even be a contest."

4. We're closer now and The Spider and Tyler are addressing the salesman directly. Both are grinning excitedly. The salesman seems happy with their interest.

Tyler: "We'd like to try them out."

Comic 84
1. A the black and brown helicopter (with a black widow symbol) bounces off of a pillar and hits its nose on the tail of the black and white helicopter (with flames). Both of them are high up, with just the distant walls and pillars around them.

Sound Effects (SFX): CRACK!

Tyler (Off-Panel) "Doesn't count."
Spider (Off-Panel): "Counts"

2. The B&W helicopter flips over onto its back as the B&B one circles around

SFX(Runs across the top of this panel and the next two): Hummmmmmmmm

3. The B&W helicopter is suspended in a purple field as the B&B one drops on top of its runners with its own.

SFX (continuing from previous): mmmmmmmmmm

Spider (OP): "Doesn't count"

Tyler (OP): "Totally counts."

Salesman 83-1 (OP): "Ah, gentlemen, if you break--"

4. Close up on a counter by a cash register, THE SPIDER'S gloved hand with the jacket sleeve and one of Tyler's hands in his black leather jacket slam cash and change onto the table.

SFX (continuing): mmmmmmmmmm

Comic 85 
1. The focus is still on the Black and White (B&W) and Black and Brown (B&B) helicopters. The B&W one is more battered than the other as they crash into one another

SFX: Skkkrt!

2. Our focus remains where they were, but both helicopters have fallen off-panel.

SFX (from off-panel): THUMP!

Tyler (OP): "I win!"

3. We're still on the same frame, but a rotor, surrounded in a purple field, is floating up in it now.

Spider (OP): That's just a rotor.

Tyler (OP): A flying rotor.

Spider (OP): "Fine. You win..."

4. The POV is a wide-angle on the area. A small crowd surrounds TYLER FOSS and THE SPIDER. In the foreground, the rotor, still surrounded with a purple field only the reader can see still hovers. The crowd pushes up against the edges of the hallways. Men in blue uniforms (mall security) are part of the crowd, pushing towards the two. It also contains several cosplayers. On the edge of the clearing, SALESMAN 83-1 processes the purchase of their wrecked helicopters at his booth. Tyler is looking around, surprised. The Spider, ugly coat and all, is crouching as if ready for a fight.

The Spider: "...just put it down."

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