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Denver 5 Comics 86-90

Denver 5 is an unillustrated comic strip about a group of dicks that are vaguely acquainted with one another because they are all endowed with metahuman abilities. Character descriptions are here.

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Comic 086
1. THE SPIDER is surrounded by people, many of them in costume. There's an assembled crowd. In the very back, the two uniformed figures from Comic 085 (Guards 85-1 and 85-2) are visible.

"Love your costume!"
"Were you there Friday?"
"Is this your first cosplay?"

"Ah, no. I come every year."

2. Same shot, but there's the flash of someone taking a picture and THe Spider squints slightly at it with all of his eyes. In the background, Guards 85-1 and 85-2 are getting closer, plowing through the crowd.

"Look at that articulation on the mouth!"
"I don't think he's tall enough."
"Can I get a picture with you."

3. Same shot, but The Spider is looking back, directly at the approaching security officers.

"Does the real Spider have that accent?"
"You let me take a picture with you last year."
"What's with the jacket?"

The Spider
"Well, you see, I'm ah..."

4. Wider shot. The Spider is moving into the crowd, off of the right side of the panel and handing his jacket back to TYLER FOSS, who was just off of the left side of the panel for the rest of the strip. Tyler is utterly bewildered at this. 

"Yes, we take a few pictures."

Comic 087
1. TYLER FOSS is in the right foreground while THE SPIDER gets pictures in the background. He and the cosplayers are standing against a wall at Cherry Creek Mall. On the far left, Guards 85-1 and 85-2 are approaching

*Shouting back at The Spider*
"Who am I ozplaying as?"

THE SPIDER ("smiling")
"Johnny Storm."
"Say cheese!"

2. Same shot. Cosplayer with The Spider is fat Kirk.

"Why don't I have a chain with me?"

"It's on your bike!"

3. Same shot. Cosplayer with The Spider is full armor Samus. The guards are taken aback by this.

"Why isn't my head on fire?"

"American fire codes!"

4.Same shot. The guards are now next to The Spider. The Spider's arms are spread wide and he seems happy.

"Costplay as American security men?"
"Come! Take pictures!"

GUARD 85-1
"Oh, no. That's okay."

Comic 088
1. Closer shot on THE SPIDER than the previous strip. He's disengaging from the crowd.

"Okay. So sorry. Have to get James Juyce with my friend Johnny."

"I ship it."

2. They're past the crowd now. The Spider is walking slightly ahead of Tyler and putting his jacket back on. The Spider looks tired and hunched slightly with weariness. Ahead of them, a woman with a light-brown complexion in a Power Girl costume is holding a camera eagerly in front of her.

"I came as soon as a I heard; can I please get a picture with you?"

3.Pan back so the panel focuses on Tyler's face, which is wearing a smarmy expression. The shift back only leaves the very front of the Power Girl Cosplayer on the very right edge of the panel; just her camera and breasts (the obvious point of Tyler's attention. The Spider is about to speak, clutching the jacket around himself with one hand and the other raised as if to say 'no.'
"I think that can be arranged."

4. Same as Panel 2, with the exception that The Spider is now giving Tyler a withering glare.

Comic 089

1. TYLER FOSS and THE SPIDER are moving back down the hallway towards a food court There's a Cinna-Khan on the right, which may or may not feature a bust of Wrath of Khan-era Khan holding a fresh, tasty cinnamon roll. This strip is literally darker than the rest. There is less light. I don't know why. The Spider is working with a cell phone.

"Did you copy the helicopter guy's accent?"

THE SPIDER *Angrily*
"His accent is Persian. Mine was Arabic."

2. Same shot, but the two are getting closer.

"Whatever hey--"
"Why do you have my phone?"

"I'm deleting that photo."

3. The shot is direct up, over The Spider's right shoulder to focus on Tyler.


THE SPIDER *Scowling in disgust*
"Because I know she's a craftsman who made an excellent costume."
"You think she's another image for collection of self-gratification."

4. Same shot as Panels 1 and 2, but they're very close to the foreground now. The Spider is throwing the phone back over his shoulder as Tyler catches it.

"Now I have to wash my gloves."

Comic 90
1. TYLER FOSS and THE SPIDER are in the food court of cherry creek mall. Tight focus on the two of them. The Cinna-Khan is on the distant background. This strip should be back to regular light levels. There are cosplayers to the right who are happy to see The Spider again. Tyler is on the left and pointing left. His own left hand should be on The Spider's right shoulder.

"That should be the James Juy--"

"Oh. Hello again."

2. The panel has a closer focus on The Spider, the only thing we see of Tyler is his hand patting The Spider's shoulder and lower neck.


"I am very hungry. Maybe after--"

3. Same as Panel 2. The Spider has turned to Tyler, whose patting has moved up to The Spider's face. His words are obscured by Tyler's hand moving and back from his face. Obscured text is in brackets.

"What {if} it {Fy}ler?"

4. The view is over The Spider's left side as he turns right to join Tyler looking at the James Juyce Inside is Cyber Paranoid, wearing the uniform of a James Juyce employee: a thick, rough, grey coat, a bow tie, fake round spectacles, and a matching flat cap. Tyler is still absentmindedly patting on The Spider's face.

"{Fh}at the {Mell}?"

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