Monday, October 28, 2013

Zah-ham-baye, zah-ham-baye

So, Terry and I have been playing Magic lately. Amidst a lot of other games, I finally got my zombie deck, "Zompocalypse Now" off:

Click through for the full-size image.

Every D10 represents that many zombies. Because of my Undead Alchemist (blue card on the far right), in lieu of damage my zombies caused Terry to put a card from his library into his graveyard. For every creature card put into his graveyard that way, I got another 2/2 zombie (with +3/+3 from my Zombie lords).

I just want to say that even though Terry was losing, he didn't scoop so I could run up my zombies and win legitimately. He's a good friend.

zah-ham-bay-eh. ay-eh. ay-eh. ay-eh. Ahoo-ahoo-ahoo-ahoo-ahoo-ahoo-ahoo-ayyyyooooooai-ahhhh-ooooooh my god this joke has been done and over-done a million times by now.

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