Thursday, October 08, 2015

17 to 01: Who Mourns for Adonais

So maybe it's wrong to have an atheist watch the episode with so much talk of gods.

Nah, it's great.

Derek puts Kirk's philosophy of "Give me freedom or give me a fire to burn this mother down!" into words we've all been looking for.

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SkilTao said...


This episode somehow made up 50% of the TOS reruns I happened to catch on TV in college. It's like they wanted me me to tune out.

It is nice that all the studio politics resulted in the secondary characters getting more lines and characterization... Spock+Chekov teamup eps imply McCoy+Sulu teamup eps. (And then Kirk+Uhura teamups?) Would be a fun season.

I think Latin (classical education) might've still been de rigueur for schools in the '60s. God help me if I can find what the idiom "gathering laurels" means; something to do with idleness, I think. (I don't think it originated with this ep, but I guess it could've.) And I did NOT twig to what the storm was, good call on that.

Have to wonder if Kirk's appeal to Carolyn's tribalism and xenophobia was at all prompted by censors, or was just part of '60s culture. (Also: Starfleet manual has a honeypot chapter next to the chapter on faking your death.)

Scotty not defined by his passions, eh? Looking forward to Trouble with Tribbles.

I like that the crew reframes the "magic" into technological terms they can grapple with, even though all the time they spend discussing it feels like filler; it plays well with the "we've outgrown gods" theme (to go circles within circles here, I wonder if the kickback against meddlesome gods is meant to imply that society accepts "the one god" because he meddles so subtly as to be absent). And y'know, that "kill meddlesome gods" habit Kirk has reminds me of Worf's line about Klingon gods. It would be great if it turned out that TNG wrote their Klingons to parody Kirk's Federation.

It's hilarious how Kirk and friends have decided to destroy the temple, and while they're waiting for an opportunity to do that, they're all casually lounging ON THE TEMPLE.

VanVelding said...

God, I would love a fourth, supporting-character season. Executive meddling never looked so good.

Ok, Scotty is passionate, but he's generally a locked-on, reasonable kind of passionate.

I talk a lot about why all-powerful energy beings don't fuck with the Romulans or Klingons, but the thought of Klingons literally killing the poseur gods they come across is a fun one.