Thursday, October 15, 2015

17 to 01: The Deadly Years

And yet another episode where Kirk's judgement is compromised for plot reasons. Also, if anyone ever does a podcast about our podcast, they'll probably have a counter dedicated to Futurama references.

We finally turn and face the attribution of "classically trained actor" to William Shatner. It is an epic duel. For those of you who know about acting, are we right or are we just making shit up?

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SkilTao said...

I wonder how much the ep was meant to be about aging in general, and how much about forced retirement (or aging in a military officer corp) specifically.

I'm enchanted by how tiny Lt Galway is. (Don't think she's all that young, just tiny.) In that first scene, I thought "man, Chekov freaks the hell out, and she is fearlessly the third person into that room. Is that the director's choice or her interpretation of the character?" It took me awhile to realize it was actually part of the plot that her fearlessness was making her age the fastest.

Spock has less adrenaline moving than anyone else, so it makes sense that he'd age faster than you'd normally expect from space elves; whereas McCoy, who's already old, ages slow enough that he doesn't die before Kirk does. I take this to mean McCoy is just that high-strung, all the time; hence all the Saurian brandy and mint julips.

When they came up with adrenaline as the answer, I thought that Kirk's anger at losing the Enterprise was going to save him again, like it did in the Triffid/Pod People episode.

Hah, "...who he trusts like a starship..."

Wow, I did NOT notice that the endocrinologist never actually drew the serum from Spock's vial.

The Starfleet manual doesn't have a chapter on Corbomite Maneuvers, but there is a brief appendix.

VanVelding said...

You're damn right it does, and Jim Kirk wrote that appendix.

Wow. We completely, totally missed how adrenaline levels could've answered so many of those questions. Man, the worst part of this thing is how we just miss really good stuff and it comes up later. Thanks though. That's a really good insight.

SkilTao said...

In fairness, if you guys hadn't been talking about it during that one previous episode, and if I hadn't been paying extra attention to the young Lt., I'd not have realized it either.

It's a rare pleasure, being able to accuse Star Trek of being too subtle about something.