Thursday, July 09, 2015

17 to 01: Space Seed



SkilTao said...

Aha! McCoy's display of old doctor tools is on the wall usually occupied by the camera-crew!

When McGuyver says she knows who Khan is, I think she does know he's Singh, and chooses to flatter him instead of name him.

I like to think that Noonien Singh/Soong are a single guy, who later in life turned from trying to breed superior humans to trying to build them.

VanVelding said...

You are not entirely wrong.

*Warning* Contact with Star Trek: Enterprise may cause burns. *Warning*

SkilTao said...

Luckily, watching all of Voyager immediately prior to starting Enterprise inured me to the latter's caustic effects.

So my theory now amounts to... Brent Spiner adopted Ricardo Montalban? I must admit, I don't remember how survivably Khan exits his titular movie.

PS: I get that there was a lot happening in this episode, so there wasn't time to develop McGuyver's character much, but it strikes me a bit odd how she never gives Khan *any* reason whatsoever to see her as his equal or a sufficiently superior wife.