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TRO: 3087 - Jenner

3087 is a Battletech alternate universe where The Jihad never happened. Instead, political fracturing continues in the wake of the technological and military upheavals of the 3050's. Its history is told through the pages and designs of TRO: 3087. With any luck this series will be the last anyone hears about 3087.

Believe it or not, there's actually quite a bit of padding for this; I just forgot to queue things up last week. 

Jenner JR8-12D
The initial few months of the Diamond Shark mission through the Federated Suns was only marginally successful. The Suns didn’t consider the traveling clanners successful and harbored resentment over their hoarding intelligence from their trip through the Capellan Confederation. The Diamond Sharks considered a significant deal with the Federated Suns as potentially injurious to their next stop; The Federated Hellfire Territories. 
A bar brawl with with a member of the Davion Guards resulted in a formal trial and the Spheroid’s valor in battle earned the respect of the Sharks.
A number of trade deals were formed, but none more important than a refit of the Jenner. Licensed as part of the peace deal from the fighting with the Draconis Combine two years earlier, it had been reviled by AFFS mechwarriors. The redesign had to make a ‘Mech already beloved in The Combine indispensable to the Federated Suns.
The Diamond Sharks provided advanced pulse lasers and some technical tweaks from the Jenner IIC, allowing field testing of the D12 just a few months later.

The Jenner sees the most action as a stand-up fighter, hunting down smaller units and harassing, drawing off, or ganging up on larger ones. The pulse lasers and short range missiles give it striking power against both infantry and vehicles as well, making it a versatile hunter/killer.
The Federated Suns currently has no light ‘Mechs comparable to the Panther, which has been famously paired with the Jenner, but many have been eager to design a similar unit for that purpose.

Battle History
For those who know her, Jennifer Rand inauspiciously started a fistfight with Diamond Shark warriors and saved the Jenner. A rare student of Clan culture, she saw her nation’s overtures to the Sharks for the awkward, dismissive motions they were.
Understanding the Clan ways, she fabricated a pretext for a fight to earn the respect of a potential ally. The bravery of her company, even in the face of two deaths in the Diamond Shark trial, won the Suns more than a few pulse lasers.
Rand had the charges against her dismissed after senior officers and nobles came to understand her actions. Her actions have not been publicly touted because she technically stole her unit to fight the Sharks. In fact, several articles about her actions have been quietly quashed in the interest of national security. The only commendation she has received is her own Jenner to pilot into battle.

Notable Variants
The JR8-D2, the -D12’s immediate predecessor, uses its extralight engine for an increase in speed of a little less than thirty percent, with a proportionately greater jump distance. All of its weapons are downgraded; the short range missiles lose their streak abilities, the small pulse lasers were removed, and the medium pulse lasers were cut down to Inner Sphere mediums.
The -D2 is rarely produced, but it’s often used for scouting and harassment more than stand-up fighting.
The -D5 is also a rare variant, but it relies solely on short range missiles, carrying 24 tubes with 200 missiles tucked into it. The -D5 is terrifying for infantry and vehicles, and it’s often seen in a shock troop role dealing with such units. It’s speed is often an asset once its ammunition stores are expended or exploded.
Aside from the classic JR7-D model, the JR8-D3 is the last variant of note. The model scheduled for production before the -D12 was approved, it carries five extended range lasers tied to a one-ton targeting computer. A single SRM 2 gave the design either additional firepower or the ability to use inferno missiles on target. A 445m jump range accentuated its impressive mobility. The -D3 resonated with AFFS mechwarriors who tested it, but only a handful of prototypes have been rolled out to units in the wake of the -D12’s success.

Type/Model: Jenner JR8-12D
Tech: Federated Suns / 3085
Config: Biped Battlemech
Manufactured: Federated Suns
 Federated Suns (Common)
 Federated Territories (Uncommon)
 Draconis Combine (Common)
 Diamond Sharks (Rare)

Mass:          35 tons
Equipment:                Crits    Mass
Int. Struct.:             14       2.00
  58 points Endo-Steel
 Internal Locations: 1 CT, 1 LT, 4 RT, 5 LA, 3 RA
Engine:315 XL Fusion      12       6.00
  Walking MP:   7
  Running MP:  11
  Jumping MP:   5
Heat Sinks: 10 Double [20] 6       0.00
 (Loc: 1 LT, 1 RT)
Gyro:                       4      4.00
Cockpit, Life Sup., Sensors:5      3.00
Actuators:                 12      0.00
 L: Sh+UA        R: Sh+UA
Armor Factor:               0      4.00
 64 pts Standard

       Internal Structure  Armor Value
 Head:                  3      8      
 Center Torso:         11      9      
 Center Torso (Rear):          3
 L/R Side Torso:        8     8/8
 L/R Side Torso (Rear):       4/4
 L/R Arm:               6     4/4
 L/R Leg:               8     6/6

Weapons and Equipment Loc  Crits Tons
(CL) Streak SRM-4      HD     1    2.00
(CL) Streak SRM-4      CT     3    2.00
(CL) Small Pulse Laser RT     1    1.00
(CL) Small Pulse Laser LT     1    1.00
(IS) ER Medium Laser   RA     1    1.00
(CL) Medium Pulse LaserRA     1    2.00
@Streak SRM-4 (25)     LT     1    1.00
TOTALS:                           35.0
Crits & Tons Left:            0    0.0

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