Thursday, July 02, 2015

17 to 01: Tomorrow is Yesterday

This is such a good episode, but it suffers for the fact that America has seen a lot of time travel stories since then.


SkilTao said...

Enterprise in the Sky: in the version I'm watching, the Enterprise slides smoothly across the blue screen. I think you're thinking of the... TNG? Voyager? ...episode where their ship becomes a god to the planet below.

Davy Crocketts are only, what, maybe 50% longer than the missiles used by that interceptor (assuming that is in fact a Delta Dart)?

Hah! Thanks for pointing out the rank comparisons.

Fight choreography in the few spaghetti westerns I've seen seem to have similar (albeit extended) fight choreography too.

HG Wells book is just about the Time Traveler doing shit because he's a scientist.

I'm coincidentally watching Dr Who right now, and I had to look up whether the Third Doctor's "Venusian Aikido" beats out Spock's nerve pinch, and Star Trek beats the first appearances of both the Aikido and the screw driver by about a year. (Karate chop KO's are pretty common in sci-fi '60s Britain too, apparently.)

Does Spock look more alien to the characters around him than he does to the viewers at home? The air forces guys' reaction to him makes me wonder. (I have a vague feeling that you went over this way back at the beginning of the series.)

The clock in my version looks like this; not sure if it's the same one you're looking at.

So the time travel aside--I can buy the Enterprise disappearing from view at the end, it was climbing fast and the guy was disoriented (and hey, that crew is paradoxed now but they can sort themselves out)--what's going on with the transporter at the end there? They're aren't just replacing the guys as they vanish, the transporter is compiling multiple bodies together. The heck, man.

VanVelding said...

No, the remastered Enterprise wobbles for some reason. It's gratuitous.

The history of Star Trek is undoubtedly an alternate history, but it's still such a leap. I guess concern over the use of nuclear weapons was enough to think we'd field tactical versions eventually.

And I get the fight choreography; it's not trying to impress me, just tell me (a) that there was a fight and (b) who won. That's all I need.

My impression is that sci-fi or not, karate>>everything until ninjitsu came around in the 80's.

I'll post the shitty remastered clock soon enough. I need to. I have a mighty need.

Yeah, that ending is the most Voyager-esque, "everything ends cleanly because it has to" ending. Diane Duane is great, but that is just disappointing.

SkilTao said...

I didn't mean the remastered movement. I thought you had said that you thought the unremastered Enterprise looked frozen in place against the sky.

I doubt I could tell the difference between TV-karate and TV-ninjitsu.

VanVelding said...

Ah okay. I must've mis-remembered the original.