Monday, July 06, 2015

You were thinking, "Kris doesn't post audio/video content on Mondays"

Yes he does.

...approximately once a month.

...provided people like it.

...given we can get extras to do guest voices. I have exactly one Australian accent before that situation gets dire.

This program was recorded using a Blue Snowball microphone and edited using Audacity. It describes a game of Magic: the Gathering, which is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast, LLC.
Sounds were provided in exchange for attribution by and are individually listed below:
awakening_mummy_1.wav by reinsamba 
Cartoon Laugh by JohnsonBrandE
werewolf attacck 1 by Bernuy
Angry Growl by Matvej
Deep Monster Roar.wav by MisterSegev
fire2.wav by tc630 (not recommended)
panic.wav by Erdie
Marching.wav by WebbFilmsUK
SoundScape Two_Thrill by FreddyFool
Eternity.wav by Keygenerator
None of the above endorse this podcast in any way.

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