Monday, June 01, 2015

Evening News: Josh Duggar

TW: This article contains mention of sexual abuse against minors.

If you're reading this, you have probably never heard of Josh Duggar. He's the eldest of 19 kids, all of whom are the stars of TLC's reality series “19 and Counting.” In light of an InTouch article, Duggar admitted that when he was 14 and 15 he molested five girls, including his own sisters. His public admission included an apology and an admission of the harm he'd done. Time Magazine's timeline is essential.

So another celebrity openly and honestly admitted their mistake after it became public and undeniable. Who cares? Josh Duggar has made a career of proselytizing. The faith of the Duggar family has been central to their lives and for Josh, that's included an opposition to LGBT individuals. The man who as a teenager molested girls and publicly admitted the harm he has done has for years accused homosexuality of being inherently harmful to children.

And it's not limited to him. The friendly cop his dad eventually reported the abuse to? Serving time for child pornography. That cop's report? Destroyed days after these revelations. While running for state representative, his dad claimed that rape and incest should be punishable by death, but took over a year to report that his daughters were being molested by his son. Bill Gothard, friend to the Duggars and head of their homeschooling program? Accused of molestation and covering up child abuse.

A single article pulled on the thread named Josh Duggar, and with his actions made public, an ugly sweater is coming unraveled. These men protected by faith reveal the hypocrisy of holy rollers whose religious fandom and numbers give them the temerity to encircle and mercilessly call out the openly deviant few, but leaves them blind to the monsters behind them, and begging for mercy when they stumble.

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