Thursday, June 18, 2015

17 to 01: The Arena

Kirk is allowed to have flaws, and Derek better get on this fuckin' train before we hit the movies.

And of course, take a shot as we have the military/not-military discussion again.

Somehow, Batman Begins actually was 10 years ago. Lucky guess.


SkilTao said...

I like that the only non-combatant (McCoy) has the sense to get out of the way when they first beam down.

re: Derek's "If you're too emotional to command, hand command over" point--maybe that Abrams-verse movie actually picked that plot point out of this ep! Maybe. (Maybe?)

I love the kaleidoscope effect for the metrons. Also the fact that they are not named the Metatrons.

As slow as the Gorn is, you'd think Kirk could just lead him up high and push him off a ledge. Though I guess if that rock didn't kill him, the fall wouldn't either.

"Hardest known substance" count +1. Wonder if it's even remotely feasible for them to all be different forms or applications of a single substance.

...that branch he used as a ram-rod, why did he bother breaking it in half first...?

I have to wonder if McCoy's smile at the end is because--being the opposite of ascetic Mr. Spock--he decided not to die sober.

This almost feels like a bottle episode-it's mostly Kirk and the Gorn on a barely-dressed location they've already used, but I guess the fort and mortar fire might bring it back up to normal budget levels.

SkilTao said...

PS, unrelated: Takei shared an anecdote on a comedy/quiz show recently. Apparently, (I'm hearing this second-hand,) he hated Chekhov because Chekov was created to fill in for Sulu while Takei was on a movie called Green Berets whose shooting ran long.

PPS: you're right, that one Futurama spoof episode is really on the nose.

VanVelding said...

I wouldn't put anything bad past the reboots. I don't doubt they watched every episode they could just so they could get their grimy hands all over everything.

I don't know why Kirk does a lot of the combat things he does. He doesn't know Karate, but I am 100% sure he has been formally trained in Crazy.

Yeah, it is kind of a bottle episode. With the exception of that first part, there aren't a lot of extras either.

Huh. I don't doubt that's why they made Chekov--I gotta read that Season 2 book I got--but I'm surprised Takei was against it. I never would have guessed.