Thursday, June 11, 2015

17 to 01: Shore Leave

So this episode is bad, but it's not bad-bad, y'know? We...this fight scene is really good. Better than modern fight scenes.

I don't care what Derek says; I love Sulu's omnidirectional enthusiasm.

Also, more messed-up sex stuff with women. Y'know, from now on I'll just tell you when there isn't any an an episode.

TW: Copious jokes about how stupid it was to throw a rapist into the middle of this story which do ultimately come across as rape jokes.


SkilTao said...

One thing that's wrong with the scene circa twelve minutes is that the antennae is supposed to be rotating in a fixed location, but it's actually strafing sideways.

That's a nice juxtaposition where the woman in the fantasy dress has to pull herself together and behave professionally.

Finnegan looks a lot like Jim Carrey to me.

So Kirk fights Finnegan at these rocks, and he fights the Gorn at these rocks (I think that's the fight that gets recreated in Bill & Ted); can't remember if TOS has any more fights on these rocks.

VanVelding said...

The Alternative Factor also happens here. No actual fighting in that one, but Lazarus gets hurt.

Yeah, that was a nice bit. We probably should've mentioned that more. It was a great turning the corner scene and she especially gave it some weight.

I can see the Carrey resemblance. Carrey was about that punchable back during Peak Ventura.