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STT: Revvik

Revvik is Richard's character. I really liked his concept. Then Richard quit responding to my emails and never showed up to play. Revvik's basically an NPC, now which gives me latitude when it comes to redefining his character.

I'm going to try do to these on Mondays and include links to the Obsidian Portal.

Revvik (Wiki link)
High Concept: Hotshot Vulcan Pilot

Trouble: Where did the Humans go? – Starfleet discourages investigation into why the Humans vanished. In addition, there are thousands of crackpot theories across known space about why it happened. None the less, Revvik still follows up on almost every lead he comes across when it comes to learning about them. This curiosity threatens an already shaky career, but it also makes the junior-grade lieutenant one of Starfleet’s foremost experts on the matter.

Aspect: I know what she can do – As a callow ensign fresh out of The Academy, Revvik was given a plumb assignment on board the museum ship Enterprise, NX-01. While trying an unauthorized sublight slingshot of the ship around a moon, he pushed it to its limits—and beyond. The crash had zero fatalities, but left the ship itself irreparable. The young pilot was reassigned to the ground-based Memory Alpha for the next year. However, Revvik still pushes vessels to their limits and has gained an appreciation for how far outside of specifications they can be driven.
This Aspect and Revvik’s Trouble are both combination troubles/aspects. Both can compel Revvik to do certain actions as well as being invoked by him to help him on certain rolls.

Aspect: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations – In 2400, Revvik gathered an eclectic group of freshmen to perform an Academy tradition in outstanding fashion. Full details can be found at The 2400 Smithsonian Theft. It was the first of many times throughout his career that Revvik demonstrated the ability to find the gifts of those with different skills and backgrounds and use them effectively.

Aspect: “Here’s What Happened, Sir…” – Revvik has a history of getting into hot water with his superiors. There’s no clearer example of this than the away mission to Delta Rana IV as delta shift leader on board the USS Taiwan. There, the six members of the away party were immediately ambushed and cut off from the ship. While there are varying accounts of the subsequent events, it was lieutenant Revvik’s initial debrief of Captain Tavel that diffused concerns over the team’s actions and earned them only a slight rebuke.

Pilot: 3
Revvik’s youth growing up aboard a human deep space station saw him piloting ships within a few years of walking. His extensive experience, natural talent, and passion for piloting have made him one of the best.

Burglary: 2, Shoot 2
Revvik has deft hands that have been put to uses most Vulcans consider unthinkable. His spotty service record remains ignorant of several unscrupulous deeds he performed before he was a Starfleet officer…and a few he performed after.

Notice 1, Will 1, Physique 1
Revvik’s Vulcan biology gives him a number of impressive abilities that both his hard-knock upbringing and his Starfleet training have honed.

Fight 1, Provoke 1, Stealth 1, Rapport 1
Speaking of that upbringing, Revvik has a number of talents that Starfleet would consider less-than-ideal…if put to uses they didn’t approve of.

Lore (Terran) 1, Deceive 1, Investigate 1
Revvik’s inquiries into what happened to the Human race are yet new, but he’s already learned quite a bit from them. Mostly, about how he should keep them very quiet.

Refresh & Stunts
Refresh: 2

Covering His Tracks: +2 to Burglary rolls to cover evidence that a break-in occurred (physical and digital)

Uncanny Accuracy: Either with a phaser or a ship, he gets a free invoke for situational aspects made when shooting.

Hard to Shake: +2 on chase rolls when chasing someone in a ship or vehicle.

Throttle to the Console: Ties on speed-based contests are considered successes.

Biography & Record
His father was a science officer on a Vulcan survey vessel. His brief sexual encounter with Revvik’s mother left her pregnant and he didn't consider it logical to abandon his career to raise a child he didn't want with a woman he hardly knew.

Four years later, in 2983, she vanished and he was left alone. The inhabitants of the station were like family to him and they took care of the child. As Revvik became a teen, Romulan predation, the reinstitution of currency, and the whole of the social changes occurring across space shattered his adoptive family. He worked for several years as a pilot on the station until he was accepted to Starfleet Academy in 2399.

Starfleet Academy Training Paths:
Romulan Imperial War Games

Notable Possessions:
Locket with holo of his mother
Starfleet combadge
refurbished 2290s phaser pistol
biometric lockbox

Lieutenant (junior grade)


Previous Assignments:
Cadet, Starfleet Academy

Pilot, Starfleet Museum Command (USS Enterprise NX-01)

Flight Controller, Memory Alpha

Current Assignment:
Helmsman, USS Taiwan
Delta Shift Leader, USS Taiwan

LT Key’an, Trill
     Medical officer, USS Andor

CDR Tavel, Vulcan
     Commanding officer, USS Taiwan

CDR (Ret.) Pitar Kel, Cardassian
    History & social sciences Instructor, Starfleet Academy

Revvik was played by Richard, but Richard hasn't returned any of my emails in over a month.

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