Monday, March 23, 2015

Star Trek: Season 1 Wrap Up

The Nap of Fate that took me Sunday afternoon marks the end of season one of Star Trek: Taiwan.

I do intend to do a write up or podcast for each of the episodes we did and get into depth on the player characters and non-player characters of the game.

It's been enjoyable for me, but I know that that isn't universal. Long ago, we articulated a few paradigms of our gaming group:

1) If the storyteller doesn't push it, it doesn't get played. We've called off campaigns that everyone liked because the person running it wasn't sure that it was going well.
2) If players don't like a game, its priority drops below other priorities in their lives. They get too busy to play.
3)  Games that run over a longer period of time tend to pick up steam. Familiarity in a game makes it more appealing. Long life leads to long life.

Logically, this means that I am not going to stop Star Trek. You are going to have to tell me to climb off of its corpse and gently whisper to me, "It's dead, Kris" before I call a time of death and run something different*.

That also means that I need to really try to make things better. At the very least I need to ease off of the metaplot. I'd like to get some "feature" episodes together that don't just have a main character, but which feature that character.

But I can't fix what I don't know about. I would like some feedback. Anonymous comments should be enabled below this post. If you would like to play Star Trek some more, but haven't for some reason, let me know what I can fix. What you'd like to look forward to whenever you play. Anything. The only things I really ask is that you mention fixes--however general--for the problems the campaign is having.

*Do not do that now  because I am in a mood to try Battletech again and none of us want that.

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