Thursday, March 12, 2015

17 to 01: Mudd's Women

We're talking "Mudd's Women" this week, and learn that women aren't just good for sex; they can cook and clean too! For a guy who's just been introduced to transporters, Derek asks a lot of pointed questions about them. 

Also, the show I couldn't remember the name of is Misfits.


SkilTao said...

Maybe Star Fleet is like the Dutch East India Company, in terms of its civil and governmental powers.

Pretty sure "women traveling to find husbands" has a historical precedent. Klondike gold rush, probably others.

Yeah, these three women are unusual, but I still feel like "sailors reacting to beautiful women on board" is undercut a bit by the crew already being co-ed.

Hah, radioactive perfume... my understanding is that the women do undergo a physiological change (pheromones?), but that it's unrelated to Mudd's drug. I'm okay with it not being explained exactly; I generally like it when shows leave something for the viewer to work out on their own.

The women they cast are significantly shorter than Mudd. Adds to his air of control.

The miners look like they walked off a cowboy set.

From the outside, the miner's cabin looks like a mobile home. I wonder if he carves out new quarters every so often.

VanVelding said...

I never thought about it in the context of a co-ed crew, but yeah, that makes some sense.

I always just assumed Mudd was a tall guy--he's kinda got that build--but I never really considered the fact that it could've been blocked that way.

The miners probably did walk off a cowboy set. I wouldn't be surprised if the studio tried to pay them once for being in two different shows.

SkilTao said...

The Federation rap sheet says he's 6'1", and Memory Alpha said the actor was actually 6'3". Dunno if the blocking was intentional.

Hah, studios.