Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Star Trek: Taiwan: The Crew

So I've been talking about The Star Trek RPG (and related endeavors) for a while now.

I've never really laid it all out here. We've actually been playing it. Interest is low, bordering on dead, but it's still happening. There is the primer I handed out to my players, but that's forty pages. (It's here.)

So, it's 2404, twenty-five years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis and twenty years since the human race vanished. It's no secret that the human race did a lot of heavy lifting in Starfleet and (for our purposes here) the rest of The Federation. The resulting power vacuum brought known space to the brink of total war and a sham Federation was propped up by the usual suspects (Klingons, Romulans, Ferengi, and Cardassians) to maintain a peace while everyone sharpens their best knives.

Starfleet is populated by the unwanted, the unwilling, and the opportunistic. They include:

Revvik: A Vulcan/Human junior-grade lieutenant and pilot. He's best-known for crashing the NX-01 during a museum vessel tour back when he was an ensign. After spending over a year as a flight controller on the planet-based Memory Alpha installation, he's being given the chance to helm the Enterprise NCC 1701-F. Happy for a second chance, he will likely use this opportunity to investigate why the humans vanished, a subject so discouraged that it borders on taboo.

Tal: The first Ferengi to complete Starfleet Academy's Klingon Warrior Training Program. The program allows Klingon cadets who, because of birth or dishonor, have been denied a chance to become soldiers of The Empire to become recognized warriors of the House of Worf. While it has always been technically possible for non-Klingons to enter and graduate the program, failure and fatality rates often outstripped graduation rates. Tal is an engineer who simply dreams of running a private transport ship in Klingon space and sees his upcoming assignment to Enterprise as a way to gain valuable experience and connections.

Delanna: An Angosian soldier, she's been mostly deprogrammed and dedicated herself, fifty years after the Tarsian Wars, to healing instead of harming. Of course, her superiors within Starfleet are more interested in putting her talents to "better use." Her midshipman's berthing saw her rescue a cluster of cadets from their training mission to The Rio Grande planet, since then, her abilities have a first responder have been the talk of her peers.

Thavan ch'Fochi: An Andorian with a nationalistic streak and a hatred for Cardassians, his disciplinary history at The Academy earned him an assignment on the second-rate USS Taiwan. He still hopes to serve The Federation, and by extension Andor, during his time as a science officer.

Dolar: From the influential (and female dominated) House of Zintz, Dolar is an unconventional Ferengi running from a differently unconventional Ferengi family. He hopes his tour as a diplomatic officer on Taiwan will see absolutely nothing happen; least of all something that requires him to do any work or take any responsibility. For reasons unknown to anyone else, his constant companion is a Klingon named Tumek.

Eishon: Liberated from the Borg in Operation Right of Janeway almost twenty years ago, Eishon has spent her post assimilation life trying to reassimiliate. Starfleet is one of the few agencies that would take her on, albeit reluctantly. Originally a member of the Starfleet Class of 2403, she was forced into a "Cadet's Hermitage," a senior-year survival course on an L-Class planet. She failed to make it to the beam-out point was abandoned for a year eking out a living until the next class arrived. The Hermits of '04 still don't talk about the two cadets lost at Crystal Glacier. Despite her qualifications as a security officer, her assignment to Taiwan indicates Starfleet Command's continued disdain for the Romulan.

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