Thursday, March 19, 2015

17 to 01: The Enemy Within

Derek and I talk about the messed up sex things in this episode. Also, Derek asks hella questions about the multiple plotholes in this episode.


SkilTao said...

The last step in "transport" is an energy to matter conversion; the ship has enough energy to make as many copies as they want, but I guess the pattern gets "used up" somehow? Maybe there isn't enough RAM to both store reassemble a pattern.

Agree that it took way too long to go from "dog has duplicate" to "kirk came through after the dog, maybe we should check on that." Pushing the evil-dog-in-crate scene back would probably help.

I really enjoy how colorful the show is. A lot of red, blue, purple walls, some greens and blue-greens. I miss that in modern, realistic shows.

I don't think we've seen shuttles in an episode yet--the writers/starfleet might not have issued them shuttles yet.

There's an "NCIS: Scott Bakula" now.

Fully and sincerely concur with the "Jane Goodall" hypothesis.

Wonder if later series call back to the security & survival procedures in this episode to redo 'em "the right way."

With their handling of the assault charge being as awful as it is, I've got to wonder how it stacks up to actual incidents of the time. (Good on Trek for tackling social issues, I guess, even if they didn't do it superbly.)

VanVelding said...

Gods, yes! I love that this show is so colorful. One o' the things that irks me about newer shows is how the uniforms just get blacker, duller, & jumpsuitier at time goes on.

Yeah, that probably was the deal with the shuttles, but it happens a lot later, too. "Disaster" could've been solved by using an independently-powered shuttlecraft as a command center. It's not a complaint; it's just a humorous angle to the nature of the show.

I have a feeling you're talking about a very specific future episode about survival, but I just can't think of which one.

Oh, it was probably hella tamer than actual incidents at the time. If that was the stuff deemed publicly appropriate, I couldn't even imagine what actually went on behind closed doors.

SkilTao said...

I don't even mean newer Star Trek for color, I just mean TV in general.

Disaster, aka "Picard orders children to stop crying": outside communications seem to be down, but as you say, it's a funny angle on the show in general.

I remember Odo & Quark being stranded on a Y-class planet; that's the only specific instance I can think of. I swear Voyager has something too.

VanVelding said...

I actually thought about "The Ascent," but then discarded it as there wasn't a lot of survival. Odo & Quark just sort of power through what I've come to call "The Rio Grande Planet."

Man that was a good episode, possibly the best Odo & Quark episode.

SkilTao said...

Yeah! Despite being half Jake & Og.

I'm hoping there's an ep somewhere with more survival stuff, or even just smarter security, but I doubt anything rises to "igloo" smart.